Vice President Dhankhar motivates Kota students to follow their career passions
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Vice President Dhankhar motivates Kota students to follow their career passions

Vice President Dhankhar

India’s Vice President since 2022, Jagdeep Dhankhar, is an Indian politician and attorney born on May 18, 1951. Previously, from 2019 until 2022, he was the governor of West Bengal. During the Chandra Shekhar cabinet, he also worked as a Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs from 1990 to 1991. From 1989 to 1991, he served in the Lok Sabha, and from 1993 to 1998, he served in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.

Due to amid increase in stress among students in Kota because of the competitive exam pressure, staying away from home and the burden of expectations leads to an increasing number of deaths rate in Kota’s students every year. In a recent interaction with Kota’s coaching students Dhankhar, vice president of India, talked and shared some suggestions with them.

Facts about Kota:

The Rajasthan well-known city Kota, has gained popularity as a coaching centre for those taking competitive exams and for-profit educational services since 2000.
One of the key sectors driving the local economy in Kota is now the education sector. The expression “the coaching capital of India” is used to define Kota. More than 40 substantial tutoring facilities for candidates are located in Kota, often known as the “Kota Factory,” the city.
Nearly 2.5 lakh students from across the country visit the city each year to prepare for exams like the NEET-UG and IIT-JEE, and many stay for up to two to three years in dorms and PGs.

Interaction with Kota’s Students:

In his very first and recent interaction with Kota coaching students, Dhankhar, vice president of India, said to students, that meeting the people who will be the face and transform India was an opportunity of a lifetime for him.

The vice president urged the students to select a career based on their interests and aptitudes, citing the failure of Chandrayaan-2 and the success of Chandrayaan-3. He advised children to “Not be driven their choices by family, friends, or neighbours” and, advised them to not be afraid of failing because no great effort has ever been accomplished in just one attempt and also encouraged students to act like a river that benefits society as a whole and civilizations develop around it rather than a canal. He told students not to let anyone tell them what to do.

Academic Degree is not Everything:

Dhankhar referenced business giants like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Paul Allen as examples of people who were college dropouts and stated that while an academic degree is good, a person’s skill and passion do not reside in a degree.
“Dear students, historically speaking, havens, have never fallen on Earth globe… I was the class’s top student; nothing would have occurred if I had placed second, he stated in his conversation with the students.

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