UGC Mandates Mental health Services in All Educational Institutions

UGC Mandates Mental health Services in All Educational Institutions

Do you also feel stressed at your school or college and don’t know who to approach? Now you know. University Grants Commission (UGC) has stated the formulation of Student Service Centers at all higher institutions so as to provide equitable distribution of mental health services and resources.

What is SSC?

SSC is Student Service Center which is formulated by UGC to make standardized and systematic procedures to provide equitable mental health services and resources to students especially those belongings to marginal sections or women.


The student’s mental, emotional, and physical health will be ensured by the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP). All students in HEIs must have access to support services like help centers and career counselors. An expert committee has been established by the UGC to thoroughly investigate all concerns pertaining to the physical, mental, emotional, and psychological well-being of students at HEIs. The SSC will be established as part of the UGC’s implementation of the committee’s recommendations.

According to UGC, SSC must have qualified physical and mental health counselors, mental health specialists, and required instruments including physical, physiological, and psychological assessment tools to educate, evaluate, and assist students as well as offer the appropriate counseling interventions. Resources are required. Make them feel like independent, vivacious, and capable officeholders to help them achieve their professional goals.

A director or dean-level job equivalent to the title of professor in fields including psychology, physical education and sports, psychiatry, social work, or sociology will be in charge of running the SSC. Depending on the circumstance, the center will provide counseling, direction, and physical and mental health services online, in person, over the phone, or in group counseling sessions.

Major Element of SSC

SSC has two significant elements which are:

  1. Trained Professional
  2. Appropriate resources for Mental/Physical Health
  3. Physical Activity

Let’s talk about each of these elements in detail

Trained Professional

SSC will have trained professionals who will be working under the director of the program. SSC stated that mentor of the program will be selected from psychology and physical education department of the respective institution. Also, SSC stated that all the institutions should be linked which any medical centers nearby and their respective psychiatrist. In the event that specialized pharmaceutical intervention or other medical intervention is required, higher education institutions should plan a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with prestigious institutes like NIMHANS and other institutions where psychiatric departments are fully operational.

SSC also stated the institute to focus on more attention on the transition phase of the student’s life like during their exams, shifting from one standard to another, etc.

It is also important for SCC to coordinate with many organizations, including the SC/ST Cell, the Gender Equality Centre, and the Student Welfare Committees. Institutions of higher learning should respect the diversity of linguistic, religious, cultural, and social practices. Make sure that counsellors with strong linguistic abilities can assist students and teachers. Students who identify as LGBTQ+ may receive special consideration.

Physical Activity

The UGC has also declared that all colleges should make physical activity mandatory. Although many institutions choose to ignore this. The UGC regrets this and calls it “a great irony” given that the college charges sports fees to all admitted students. However, only 1% to 2% of the work has been completed by engaging in athletic activity or utilizing athletic facilities. The students’ physically inert campus lifestyle contributes to a variety of psychosomatic diseases.

The UGC advises all HEIs to build the requisite outdoor and indoor sports infrastructure and facilities on campus. Modern yoga studios and gyms ought to be available. It is advised to hold self-defence classes, especially for female pupils regularly.

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