Two friends die by suicide after photos went viral in Mysuru

Two friends die by suicide after photos went viral in Mysuru


In the Mysuru district of Karnataka’s Hunsur town, a young man and a homemaker, died by suicide, according to the officials on Wednesday, December 20. Shruthi, a 28-year-old married woman, and Murali, a 20-year-old guy, were both residents of Kalguinge.

As per the police investigation, Murali and Shruthi were friends and Murali had taken pictures of them together. The image was posted on his status and quickly became popular on social media. When the families of both heard about this, they got into a fight about it. Shruti hanged herself at her home, fearing retaliation, and Murali also died by suicide. Whether or if they had an affair is unknown. At the Husur police station, both families have made complaints and counter-complaints, and the police have opened an investigation.

How to cope with suicidal thoughts?

Suicidal thoughts can be active or passive. Active suicidal thoughts are distinct and definite ideas about suicide or a plan to take one’s own life. Passive thoughts are those in which a person does not always imply a specific plan to die. An individual may yearn to die or think about dying regularly, even if the individual has no intention of dying by suicide.

Make contact

Loved ones you can trust can listen to you and support you emotionally. They can aid in your safety as well. Consult a crisis counselor first if you’re not sure who to ask for help. They will compassionately listen and provide advice on how to get in touch.

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Head for a safe place

You may try going to a friend’s house, the library, or another public place. You could even try a different area in your own home. Select those areas where you feel comfortable.

Steer clear of alcohol and other drugs

While using drugs or alcohol to mask unpleasant and unwelcome feelings may seem useful, you may find that doing so exacerbates depression and suicidal thoughts.

Try using grounding methods

Grounding practices like as taking a brief walk, petting a pet and practicing 4-7-8 breathing will assist you in staying in the present moment when experiencing extreme anguish. Additionally, you can try them out by text or conversation with a crisis counselor.

Take up a relaxing activity for yourself

You can feel less anxious and more at ease by enjoying your favorite food or drink, watching movies or images of the people and animals you care about, or listening to music.

Acknowledge the indicators

Early warning indicators, such as helplessness, a sensation of being stuck, or feeling like a burden to others, may indicate that assistance is needed.

Seek expert assistance

Generally speaking, the best method to deal with suicidal thoughts is to work with a qualified mental health practitioner. A therapist can provide direction in determining potential triggers, investigating available treatments, and formulating a safety plan.

Pay attention to your own needs

However, if your bodily requirements are being satisfied, you could find it simpler to deal with them. Eat well-balanced meals, drink enough water, move around your home or stretch, and obtain 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night if at all possible.

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Helpline numbers

Make an emergency care request. If you are unable to maintain your safety or get in touch with someone you can trust, it could be necessary to contact emergency services or a nearby mental facility.

  • AASRA (91 9820466726): A professionally trained volunteer staff answers the free, confidential helpline. It provides support and prevention of distress.
  • Snehi: (91 91-5509090): Through in-house counseling, it strives to protect the human rights of those with psychosocial impairments and who need emotional support.
  • Vandervala Foundation (1860-2662345): a hotline that offers ladies who want expert assistance with mental health counseling
  • i call (022-25521111: provides counseling services for women, children, and adolescents.
  • Roshni (+91 9166202000): emotional support and counseling is provided.

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