Travelling in Faro: Top Best Places to Visit

Travelling in Faro: Top Best Places to Visit


Do you have plans to visit the lovely Faro in Portugal this year? For a long time, people from many places come as tourists to this country. While it may not be as famous as France, Spain or Italy, Portugal has its own special appeal and certainly deserves to be included on your list of countries to see. This article aims to offer you some suggestions for top locations to visit in Faro, covering everything from attractions worth seeing to delicious food experiences.

Getting Around Faro

Before you start to discover the treasures of Faro, it is smart to consider how you will travel. The city has good connections and offers many methods for moving around.

While Faro is a small city that one can explore by walking, going outside the middle of the city needs planning. To go from Faro Airport without problems, it’s good to reserve a trusted airport transfer service before arriving and ask for baby seats if you have children, a top-notch company we would recommend is AtoB airport transfers Faro. Taxis can be found easily for short trips within the town, and those who want to save money may use the public bus system that covers many areas. People who like adventure and wish to see more of Algarve on their own time might choose to rent a car.

Cidade Velha: Faro’s Historic Heart

Now that transport is no longer a concern, let us switch our attention to the cultural aspects of this city in southern Portugal. Begin exploring Faro’s history by visiting Cidade Velha, the famous old town area. Inside the old walls, there is a charming maze of tight alleys that feel like they are quietly telling tales from long ago.

  • Arco da Vila is a lovely neoclassical gateway that signifies the beginning of Cidade Velha. When you walk through this arch, it feels like you are traveling back into history.
  • Climb up the tower of Faro Cathedral to see amazing wide views all around the city and over Ria Formosa Natural Park.
  • Municipal Museum in Faro is located inside an old convent from the 16th century, and this place gives you an interesting look at the history and cultural background of Faro.

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

This network of protected lagoons, islands, and salt marshes which you can find on the southern edge of the city is a sanctuary for many kinds of birds. It also beautifully displays the natural charm of Algarve. Here are ways to enjoy its marvels:

  • On a boat tour with a guide, you can explore the secret spots and different living environments of Ria Formosa.
  • Escape to Ilha Deserta for a day to enjoy the sun on its untouched beaches.
  • Kayaking or using a stand-up paddleboard: Travel across the calm waters of Ria Formosa with a kayak or on a paddleboard as you like.

Praia de Faro: Beachside Bliss

A brief journey by bus from the center of the city takes you to Praia de Faro, a large area with yellow sand that is good for swim, sunbathing and activities in water. Relax and have a cool drink at a bar near the beach while enjoying the relaxed feeling there. The beach is also quite near to the airport of the city, which allows you to see planes coming in and going out frequently.

Beyond the City Limits

Should you find yourself with additional time, contemplate taking these day-long excursions to experience the Algarve’s finest.

  • Silves, an old town, has a wonderful castle from the Moorish period that provides excellent views of the nearby land.
  • Loulé: Explore Loulé’s traditional market, famous for its local handicrafts and produce.
  • Lagos: See the amazing shapes of rocks at Ponta da Piedade and visit the lively town by the coast, Lagos.

Capela dos Ossos: A Haunting and Beautiful Masterpiece

Coming back to Faro for some last pieces of knowledge, this strange church decorated with the bones from more than 1,000 monks gives a dark but oddly touching feeling. The simple elegance shows the journey through time and our common destiny that awaits everyone.

Faro’s Culinary Delights

Portuguese cooking is famous for its use of fresh fish and tasty meals, with Faro being a place where this tradition continues. To really understand the food from here, you should try these things:

  • Mercado Municipal de Faro: Wander through this bustling market and sample regional delicacies.
  • Taste the traditional stew from Algarve, Seafood Cataplana. It is full of fresh seafood, vegetables, and spices with nice aromas.
  • Pastéis de Nata: Don’t leave Portugal without tasting these iconic custard tarts!

Faro offers a charming combination of historical places, natural scenery, and opportunities for rest. When you walk along its stone-paved roads, visit the unspoiled beaches and experience the beauty of Ria Formosa, you will collect memories that are as pleasant as the sunny weather in Algarve.

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