Effect of lockdown on mental health in Afghanistan

Effect of lockdown on mental health in Afghanistan

Coronavirus for the world is a disaster but for Afghans its not something new we have suffered from different kind of evils from four decades whether its civil war, poverty, loss of family members in the bomb blast, migration, injustice so on .on first day of lockdown I met migrant workers who lost their jobs in the cities and had no money to buy food decided that they had no option but to get home –even if they had to walk there. This has resulted in chaos. Starvation and death. Now I’m coming back to the coronavirus as a pandemic which is affecting the whole world and only cure to this virus is social distancing and governments need to impose lack down and this lockdown has a negative impact on mental health and wellbeing And WHO has warned isolation, physical distancing the closure of schools and world places are challenging that affect us, and its natural to feel stress, anxiety, fear and loneliness at this time and I urge the medical services to prepare for mental health services like psychological services in the hospital and if possible online consultation, particularly via video chat can be a feasible alternative to deliver psychological care and therapy during this pandemic.

Mental health should be part of public health response to covid19, and unfortunately, some of the covid19 patients may get ideation or attempt suicide because of isolation and on other hand stigmas especially in conservative Afghani culture. And I request all the people at least call your love once, relatives and specially call your grandmother and grandfathers they need your calls the most today. Those who can’t handle the covid19 stress please don’t watch related news or search in social media .at the end I would like to add stay positive, eat clean, do physical exercise at home, the best time to spend quality time with your kids. Don’t forget to help the needy once.

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