Situationship Vs Relationship: Let’s find the difference

Situationship Vs Relationship: Let’s find the difference

Love is a significant and major part of every individual’s life, may it be by your parents, siblings, partners. In addition, we all have felt love in some or the other way in our lives. Numerous novels, films, and pieces of art brilliantly depict love. Some poets consider love to be the partners’ smile, their happy eyes, sweet talk. Moreover, which is related to the dew drops in the morning, or the chirping of birds, etc. In these pieces of art, novels, and media for both genders, love is not the only way to express oneself. When we are in love, we enjoy being with the other person. Categorise or name the stages of our relationship.

There are some terms that define a bond and its depth or the closeness of the two individuals. These terms in turn are crush, situationship, and relationship.

What is a relationship?

A relationship is simply a connection between two individuals which can be positive and negative. Typically, the phrase “being in a relationship” refers to romantic partnerships. And “To be in a relationship” does not necessarily mean physical intimacy, emotional attachment, or any type of commitment (MSEd, 2022a).

What is a situationship?

When you are bonded to a person which is essentially a relationship, but the relationship lacks commitment is a situationship. This definition was given by Sabrina Romanoff who is a PsyD. A clinical psychologist and a professor at the Yeshiva University. Her situations allow an individual to arrange themselves to explore and experience the positive side or the advantages of a relationship as well as being single at the same time (Gupta, 2023b).

Differences between situationship and relationship:

These are the differences between a situationship and a relationship:

  • Undefined relationship: When two people are in a situational relationship, it’s common for there to be a lack of definition or discussion over the nature of the connection. Such as the phrase “What are we exactly?” It would seem premature to start such a dialogue. Also unset outline boundaries and expectations towards the partner.

  • Inconsistency in the relationship: In a situationship it is difficult to understand what you can expect from your partner. Like when will they reply to your text? Will they put the same amount of effort as you in this relationship?
  • No futuristic approach towards the relationship: A situationship does not have a long-term plan with each other. There is a lack of conversation on the topic of the future of the relationship.
  • Superficial connection: The connection in the situationship is very superficial. Only spending time together and maybe being intimate does not ensure to have a deep emotional connection. Even the conversations may be very superficial. For instance, you or your partners do not ask any personal questions, i.e., not being interested in knowing more about you.
  • Convenience-based relationship: In a situationship both the partners might not be each other’s priority, hanging out with each other. The time spending factor is convenient according to you whether you want to or not. It modifies as per the situation.
  • No exclusivity in the relationship: A situationship does not have exclusivity. You and your partner did not talk about exclusivity towards each other. Or maybe both the individuals are connecting with other people in the same way as you.
  • No specific follow-up: In a situationship there is no initiative or follow-up between the two regarding conversations or even for spending time together. Your relationship is easily affected by distances in person you are in a relationship mode. But while being apart you get into a casual mode (Gupta, 2023b).
Some ways to turn your situationship into a relationship:

Turning a situationship into a relationship is possible. Here are some ways you can turn a situationship into a relationship, and the ways are:

  • Meet often: From the above differences we know that situationship consists of inconsistency then make efforts to make consistent to be in a relationship.

Meet each other, spend more time together at home or go on fun dates with each other in person. This will strengthen the bond between the two. Avoid spending time on texts or DM’s than seeing each other in person. As it becomes a red flag indicating a situationship and not a relationship.

  • Manifest couple dates in real: The dates you might be going on in the situationship may be in a still getting-to-know stage try making those awkward and casual meetings into more of intimate and meaningful like going on date and having something to eat together, having an enjoyable conversation.
  • Keep the exclusivity: Talk to each other and confirm if they are seeing someone else. Even if they are seeing someone, then still do not lose hope, sit, and talk. If both are ready for the transition then start keeping things exclusive.
  • Speak up: It is one of the most difficult thing to do to turn a situationship into a relationship and the most important too. Have the DTR (defining the relationship) talk and start having open and honest conversations.
  • Involve in each other’s life: Make them a crucial part of your life and make them understand how it is to be in a relationship with you. Take them on dates, have meetings with your family and friends and theirs too, show them where you work, what you do, go on trips together, etc.
  • Practice patience: Understand that relationships take time to grow, build and evolve, so have patience in the process of turning your situationship into a relationship.
  • Stick to your thinking: It is important to know what you want from this relationship and thinking of the future and ways to ensure the happily ever after of your relationship. But it is also necessary to get out of the situation if the partner is not willing to fulfill your needs and cooperate with the vision of the future (Cossins, 2022).

Every person’s life is impacted by love, which can be expressed in a number of ways, including a crush, a situation, and a relationship. A connection between two people is referred to as a relationship, which can be good or bad. A situationship is a connection to someone but a lack of commitment in a relationship. Situationships and relationships differ in a number of ways, including inconsistency, inconsistent connections, superficial connections, convenience-based relationships, lack of exclusivity, and lack of specific follow-up. One can meet frequently, simulate couple dates in real life, maintain exclusivity, speak up, get involved in each other’s lives, practice patience, and stick to their convictions in order to transform a situationship into a relationship. By doing this, one can solidify their relationship and make sure they live happily ever after.

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