Sierra Leone Declares National Emergency to Combat ‘Zombie Drug’ Crisis

Sierra Leone Declares National Emergency to Combat ‘Zombie Drug’ Crisis

Zombie Drug

A new deadly drug that contains ground-up human bone mixed with a number of chemicals like disinfectants, FentanylAs, named as “Kush” has become too famous among the young population of Sierra Leone. The President Julius Maada Bio has declared the situation as a national emergency.

After using the drug the users feel a “hypnotic high” that can take them out of reality for several hours. The drug is so addictive that the users are becoming “grave-diggers” to collect bones from dead bodies, one of the most important ingredients of the drug. Also to keep up with the demands, the dealers have reportedly turned into grave robbers to steal skeletons. To stop the robbery the authorities have to increase the security in cemeteries.

As the drug “kush” is not very expensive, unemployed youth and people in poverty in Sierra Leone can easily afford it. Even the drug has been found in other West African countries like Liberia. The drug is also known as ‘Zombie Drug’ which was first found in the West African country around six years ago.

Global Concern of Drug Addiction

People who suffer from drug addiction, also called substance use disorder, often face problems controlling their behavior and end up being unable to control the use of the drug. Also, their brain can be affected by this. Drug addiction is a burning problem throughout the world nowadays. A lot of young people become addicted either for peer pressure, confirming with the people around them, gaining experience, or for serious mental issues and after failing to control their life properly and there could be many other reasons.

The condition of Sierra Leone has been so serious that it caught the attention of the whole world. The President referred to it as an “existential threat” to the West African nation. Drug-addicted people could be treated by using the medicine, Opioid overdose. Also, therapies like withdrawal therapy, behavioral therapy, and forming a self-help group can be fruitful. After recovery, follow-up should be mandatory.

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