Screens taking over Young Minds!

Screens taking over Young Minds!

With mobiles and tablets permeating our everyday lives, we face many unique challenges of technology induced psychological and psychiatric issues. Though definitely, they are good source of information but none the less too much screen dependence has its own effects. It is commonly found that young adults are glued to gadgets playing online games or are involved online social networking.

The problem is equally present in young children who use mobiles as their personal entertainment box. Statistics and research studies suggests that this has led to poor attention span, poor recall of recent events and even a sharp decline in academic performance along with poor eating and sleeping habits. Severe cases show addiction like symptoms including violence, abuse and hyper/hypo activity. For those hooked onto social websites it leads to an unnaturally high desire to be popular among their peer group. These patterns of behavior leads them to become lethargic, compulsive and socially withdrawn in most cases.

The best way to cut through these chain of events is to involve younger generation in sports activities and preferably group activities like football, basketball, lawn tennis.

Secondly, it is very crucial for parents to become good role models and engage with children in activities and devote less time on screen. This brings harmony in family environment and encourages positivity and boosting confidence in children within themselves.

Thirdly, “Family time” together is crucial to bring our children back to the fold.

Lastly, a disciplined routine would further help curtail most of the problem behaviors and encourage healthy lifestyle.

So let’s take a pledge that we would help our kids to be able to survive in this world strike a right balance between devoting time to screen and other important activities of daily life.

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