Dr. Shailaja Pokhriyal

Dr. Shailaja Pokhriyal

Clinical Psychologist
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I am a counselor and Clinical Psychologist practicing in Delhi-NCR for past ten years. I have a PhD from Delhi University, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, from Central Institute of Psychiatry (C.I.P), Ranchi. I specialize in dealing with young children and adolescents. I have keen interest in conducting research work in neuro-psychological and cognitive aspects of adolescents and adults and have conducted number of studies regarding the same. I have been an academician as well. Have taught college students at Amity University. I have made several appearances in live television shows and also writes for Times of India,Hindustan Times, several magazines as well. I have also made paper presentations in conferences in India and also in USA. Currently has a regular show named "Call for Care" on Pragya TV on every Wednesday (12pm and 6:30pm). I conduct counseling sessions and group workshops for corporates as well as at medical centers.


Screens taking over Young Minds!

With mobiles and tablets permeating our everyday lives, we face many unique challenges of technology induced psychological and psychiatric issues.

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