“Organ donation is a way to live forever”: Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya

“Organ donation is a way to live forever”: Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya

Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, the Indian Health Minister, urges the public to consider organ donation as a way to save lives. The minister highlighted the value of organ donation and how it has the potential to have a big influence on Indian society in a tweet from his official account.

In India, where there is a severe shortage of organs, organ donation is a cause of concern.

Despite a yearly need of between 25 and 30 thousand, only about 1.5 thousand people receive liver transplants each year. Despite the fact that 50,000 people die from heart failure each year, our country barely executes 10 to 15 heart transplants every year. Due to this situation, a major awareness campaign has begun to seek more donors and preserve lives.

Donors and receivers can significantly improve their mental well-being by participating in the crucial medical procedure of donating organs. The awareness that they have improved someone else’s life and a sense of fulfilment are only a few of the mental health benefits of organ donation for donors. It may also revive hope in the recipient. To promote this, the Health Minister shared a snippet of a recent case from Chennai that happened on 5 May.

Let’s Understand the Situation Better

The health minister urged people to think about donating their organs, saying that doing so would allow them to live forever and contribute significantly to society. Many social media users responded positively to the post and commended the Minister for his efforts to spread awareness of this crucial topic. The accident victim from Aminthanallur’s Uthukottai village donated his organs to save over nine lives, and he told others about it. The organs were gratefully given by the victim’s relatives and were transplanted into patients at various institutions.

The family of the accident victim gave his kidney, heart, lungs, eyes, and skin, potentially saving many lives. This noble deed acts as a reminder of the significant role that family members often play in the choice to donate organs, particularly when the victim is unable to express their preferences. We successfully transplanted the organs into patients at multiple facilities, including a patient with severe kidney disease at Government Stanley Hospital.

Overall, as every donation has the potential to have a major impact on someone’s life, it is critical to increase awareness of organ donation and to motivate more individuals to sign up as donors. Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya is doing a commendable job in this direction.

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