Protests leading to PTSD and Depression

Protests leading to PTSD and Depression

In recent months Hong Kong was embroiled in protests starting from June against  plans to allow extradition to mainland China. Protests spread like a wildfire demanding separation from mainland China. Though, protests had profound impact on the psychological well- being of the protestors as stated by health newson January 10 Friday. 

Surveys conducted  over 10 years show there was a sixfold increase in the prevalence of post traumatic disorder symptoms among Hong Kong residents from shortly after Occupy Central in March 2015 to sept /nov 2019.Occupy Central was the name given to peaceful protestors that paralyzed the parts of Hong Kong for months. Prevalence of probable depression was five times higher during 2019 social unrest in Hong Kong. 
2 million people have been affected by the latest round of protests, investigators could prove that the protests caused widespread mental distress. Reports have stated that less than half of the adults affected by mental health issues related to the Hong Kong protests said that they would seek professional help. It is estimated that there will be 12% rise in demand of professional help. 
“I had zero motivation to do anything. I just thought it was all useless, meaningless.” Niko cheng, Netizen added
Another netizen said ” Whole society is suffering “
“Hong Kong is under -resources to deal with this excess mental health burden,” Said study co- leader Gabriel Leung, a professor from university of Hong Kong. 
Study co- leader Michael Ni added ,  “Social  unrest rising around the world including major cities Barcelona, Delhi, Paris and Santiago 2019 issue of how social unrest impacts the Population mental health is of great public importance”.
Findings of the research was published in medical journal The Lancet on jan 9. In context of this article it can be said that mass movement accompanied by brutality affect the psychological well being of the people. Social unrest is increasing in every part that are 
exhausting everyone mentally.
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