Pet Story

Pet Story

Pet Story

I live in Faridabad and there are a lot of monkeys in the area. Many people complained to the authorities about the matter as to steal the food they already had injured 2 people in the area. So, one day I was sitting in my garden and was having my breakfast, a monkey came towards me without my knowledge. My dog saw that and came out running at the monkey and scared them away without caring for her own life. I was so pleased by her bravery and love for me. I had a feeling of pride at that time. She has always been there in my tough times and whenever I have to talk my heart out. She cuddles me and licks my face whenever she thinks I am sad or angry and would not leave me until I feel better and cuddle her back.


She is no more with us as she died on the 27th of Feb. Her name was Kaori (means fragrance) and she indeed scented our world. Her hobbies included playing with different colourful objects, waking up everyone each morning, jumping up in the balcony to receive the newspaper, accompanying us to the temple, listening carefully to the religious verses and she was always ready for a walk. She taught us how to pay respect and take care of someone. She used to welcome or say goodbye by walking towards the door during arrival or departure of any family member and this is how she used to show her love for each one of us. As we think now, she was sent to us to tell us the true meaning of love. She united us as we used to take care of her as a unit. Her place in our hearts cannot be filled and we pray to god for her soul as she was once the source of peace in our home.

Gitanjali Singh

Parenting a pet gives a lot more than one could think. In my views, some people keep them because they are cute or for safety. Others keep them for purposes like detecting crime or for business, etc. but it is not like that for me. With time, affection increases and pets become part of the family. He gives me the pleasure of being his guardian, his parent. He gives me mental peace and satisfaction.

Faizan Ansari

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