This word, does it confuse you? Not to those who belong to this community. Some have parents, while some are parents but over half of the world’s population are Pawrents. They are little more empathetic towards pets too, with qualities to understand the voiceless creatures of this planet. So, parenting an individual may or may not be an easy task. But definitely loving an animal like your own kid. Even when they can’t be verbal is definitely a more difficult task to pull off. That’s what Pawrents do, coined by the organisation, founded in 2000. The tag line says it all,

“Parents have children, Pawrents have pets.”

Pawrents have some special psychological and physical traits which makes them stronger to face the negativities around them. Rand Corporation and UCLA conducted a research posted in 2017. using a huge data set and combining it with Big Data Sciences to analyse the effect of pawrents and other individuals. According to that data, women owned pets 12% higher than men, married couples owned pets 23% higher than singles. Even home owners and wealthy people had 60% higher chances to own the pets.

Another research by health organisations throughout the world have shown that pets are important for person’s health and helps embed the vigour to live again in ill- people. The pet-owners showed the better blood pressure conditions, a good stress coping mechanism and reduced stress and anxiety feelings. Currently, many hospitals opt for Animal Therapy for many chronic disorders like Alzheimer’s, Obesity and many more. Pet owners were shocked to learn that, as compared to non-pet owners, the frequency of their doctor visits had drastically dropped.

At par the pawrents have pets whom they treat and parent like an individual but are these pet only dogs or cats? Don’t we know the answer to this question, indeed we do! Not only dogs and cats are part of these pawrent families. The research done by Live Science and others in 2013 shows that we have 142 million of freshwater fish, 88 million of cats, 75 million dogs, 25 million small animals, 16 million birds, 14 million horses, 13 million reptiles and 10 million saltwater fishes.

These numbers might be shocking as dogs and cats are more seen and discussed around. Pet owners are fully aware of the cause for the dramatic drop in doctor visits. Fish don’t need to go for walks; in fact, they stroll all the time, don’t they? First, they struggle to carry the water baskets. One more interesting facts is that cats are usually less than dogs in number of households but more in terms of number per households.

To move further with Pawrent community, the other aspect is to know the role which is played by Pet-Parents in Pet’s life. Selfishness is not what these pawrents have in them. They follow a regime to keep them healthy a like new born baby. Knowing how to care for them and feeding them is most important task to keep the pets healthy. Knowing their pain areas, what makes them sad, what makes them stressed, breeding period and feeding time (every action of pets is not always a hunger action). They also need vaccination. This should be done at the correct time else their life span is hindered. With them, the pawrents suffer too. Pawrenting is also what people learn these days to feel the pain towards their pets.

“Humans learn Non-Verbal communication to deliver the message in the best way, but see God created those who know better communication skills than us.”

Human Friends might ditch you, but pets even won’t bite if you ditch them… that’s love.

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