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Role of Art Therapeutic Interventions among children with learning disabilities

Art Therapy can be understood as psychotherapy that is facilitated by a trained Art Therapist, and that involves the use of art and craft materials for the purpose of expressing one’s thoughts and emotions. Since the time of inception, art


Abusive Relationships

Relationship abuse can be defined as a forceful behavior that are used to maintain power and control over the former or current partner causing physical, sexual or psychological harm. Abuse can be emotional , financial, sexual ,physical and include threats


PTSD in Afghanistan

In west, only war veterans are believed to be victims of PTSD, but in Afghanistan it is totally a different scenario resulting from 40 years of war. Unfortunately it starts with child abuse, teenage marriages, laboring in early ages, bombing


Children of Divorce

Divorce, the dissolution of marriage, is an event characterized by disappointment and the shattering of dreams and expectations of a couple. A significant change in their lives, a divorce involves emotional, legal, financial and parental aspects that require a shift


Child Trafficking

According to the Childline India Foundation, the third most profitable industry in the world is Human Trafficking, and Child Trafficking is rampant in countries irrespective of their development. According to UNICEF, it involves recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving child


Postpartum Depression: Blissful Motherhood to Nightmare

Becoming a mother is a dream of almost every woman, this good news brings happiness in their lives but motherhood is not blissful for every new born mother. As sometimes, it comes along with many unwanted difficulties. Postpartum depression (PPD)


Crying: A female thing

When we think of crying, we often have a very vivid image and associated feelings in our mind. It feels as if the world just stopped; everything gets dreary, blurry and looped up in shades of grey; our nose joins


OCD and Treatment through Homoeopathy

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which individuals have recurrent, disturbing thoughts they can’t prevent unless they engage in specific behaviours. It is a type of mental illness. People with OCD can have either obsessive thoughts or


The Funeral Rituals and its Psychological Effect on Individuals

To a living organism, life is the most important thing which starts at birth and ends with death. In the case of human beings, between both of these phases, they go through several developmental stages, from which they learn many


Our Obsession with True Crime

For a period of time in 2019, all the internet talked about was the 2nd season of a Netflix Original: Mindhunter. It was not the first time that people were fascinated with how the criminal mind works. The ‘True-Crime’ genre