A man killed his live-in partner and cut the body into pieces: Mumbai
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A man killed his live-in partner and cut the body into pieces: Mumbai

Another horrifying event involves the police’s capture of Manoj Sane, 56, for the savage killing of his live-in partner. Their rented flat was close to Mira Road in Mumbai, where the horrible murder was committed. The victim’s body was allegedly chopped into 20 pieces by the accused, who then boiled the fragments in a pressure cooker before discarding them in garbage bags.

About Manoj Sane

Saraswati Vaidya, the victim, was 36 years old and had been residing with Manoj Sane in flat 704 of the Geeta Akash Deep building in Geeta Nagar Phase 7 on Mira Road for the previous three years. After smelling something nasty coming from their flat, the building’s residents called the police. Manoj owns a small business in Boriwali, Mumbai.

About the Incident

On Wednesday night, the Nayanagar police station received a distress call from the locals who were alerted to the bad smell that was permeating the area around the couple’s flat. Decomposing body pieces were found by law enforcement investigators when they arrived at the crime site, indicating that the murder may have taken place three to four days earlier. The victim’s body had been cut up into several pieces, demonstrating the heinousness of the murder.

In the Geeta Akash Deep building, Manoj Sane and Saraswati Vaidya shared a live-in relationship, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayant Bajbale. The woman was killed as a result of a dispute between the pair, according to Bajbale. The accused chopped up her body with a cutter. As soon as they arrived at the house, the police recognized it as a murder investigation and deduced that the suspect had tried to hide the evidence.

Action by police

The motivation for this horrible act is currently being diligently looked into by law enforcement officials. The suspect is still in prison and is being questioned to learn more about the upsetting incident.
This is not the first time something like this happening, why is this happening so frequently!!

Why is it Happening?

This terrible incident makes people wonder whether such gruesome murders are frequently committed in our culture. It serves as a sobering reminder of the necessity for ongoing efforts to address the underlying reasons and circumstances that underpin such violent acts. Few reasons which are leading to these gruesome incident are:

  1. Desensitization to Violence: Regular exposure to violent media, such as that seen in television shows, video games, and internet platforms, might make people less aware of the seriousness and repercussions of violence. This desensitisation, together with the glamorization of aggressiveness in some media representations, can skew reality perceptions and affect behavior, especially in weaker people.
  2. Addiction and Substance Abuse: Problems with addiction and substance abuse frequently coexist with violent behaviour. Alcohol and drug abuse can undermine self-control, fuel aggression, exacerbate mental health issues, and impair judgement, which can result in impulsive and violent behavior.
  3. Relationship Conflicts and Domestic Violence: Domestic violence and other conflicts in close relationships can become extremely violent, with catastrophic results. Violence may break out in homes for a variety of reasons, including unresolved problems, power disparities, and a lack of good communication and conflict resolution skills.
  4. Socioeconomic Pressures and Inequality: For certain people, poverty, opportunity gaps, and economic inequalities can lead to feelings of hopelessness, desperation, and dissatisfaction. People may experience higher levels of stress, rage, and violence as a result of being stuck in difficult situations with little opportunities for advancement, which may push them to do violent crimes.
  5. Negative Role Models: Either absence of a role model or having a negative role model can also lead to people observing and practicing negative behavior.
Can this be resolved?

None of these reasons can justify actions of any individual. One has to understand the importance of other’s life and need to know that no one can cause any harm to anybody. To stop similar tragedies from happening again, authorities and the community must collaborate to build a safe and secure environment for everyone while cultivating a culture of respect, empathy, and dispute resolution.

Get out of the relationship, if it gets toxic

Violence is never justified May it be a relationship or any other situation. So whenever you feel like things are getting worse and more violent in a relationship is better to get out of it rather than continuing and justify it. You are the in-charge of your own safety so ahead and prioritize yourself. Take the help of your friends and family or you can even contact various help cells and get of it as soon as you can.

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