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Under the pressure to live long

Life, in general, is taken for granted by a majority of people, to the extent of not cherishing it to its fullest. Disease, in general, and terminal illness in particular, sound like a fire alarm that warn us to look

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Online Social Support: Buffer for everyday discrimination?

Social media is all-pervasive entity in our lives, and its boons and banes have been extensively debated, not only within the Psychology community but also in popular culture, at large. There is no doubt that social media use is pitted


“Social life” or a gloomy array of expectations?

Today, all of us look around for some or the other kind of validation. But, does the hunger for validation from people who are not even concerned about us important? More importantly, does that form of validation lead us to

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Great Loss: The Demise of Prof. Avinash Kumar

Today, Professor Avinash Kumar, the Head of the Psychology Department at the University of Delhi, passed away from a heart attack. He had been heading the Department since April 2021. Professor Kumar completed his Ph.D. in 2008 and has been


The Case of little Hans

During the time when this analysis took place, Sigmund Freud who is now known as the father of psychoanalysis had spoken about it’s principles in his book ‘Interpretation of dreams’. Psychoanalysis was a new term coined during this time and

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Diabetes Can Cause Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep Disturbance

Diabetes, a chronic metabolic condition can often lead to anxiety and depression symptoms in a number of individuals. The quality of sleep and stress levels also bear significant impact as a result of the condition. Several lifestyle-related risk factors including


UG and PG admissions for DU on the basis of CUET scores

Delhi University which is the central university located in Delhi offers two courses as a part of the Master’s Programme in psychology. These are Master’s in Psychology and Master’s in Applied Psychology, with a total of 169 seats. The academic


BCCI must provide psychological support to Rishabh Pant: Abhinav Bindra

Rishabh Pant, Indian international cricketer was involved in an atrocious car accident on 30th December 2022 at Delhi Dehradun highway. The treatment for the player will take place in Mumbai at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute. 

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49th National Annual Conference of NACIACP

Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods to help people change their behavior, increase their happiness and overcome problems. It is a very fast-growing practice in the field of mental health in India and is expanding. There have been many


Is Mental Illness a Myth?

“Science must begin with myths, and with the criticism of myths” Karl R. Popper Many professionals believe that mental illness does not exist. In addition, it is a notion that belongs in literature, mythologies, and religion; and according to Szasz