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10 Reasons People Struggle with Self-Discipline, According to Psychology

The German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “Everything is hard before it is easy.” So, even after knowing the importance of self-discipline, we struggle to adopt this valuable trait. Here are some of the psychological reasons behind why people struggle


10 Habits of Highly Focused Individuals, According to Psychology

Take a moment and observe the never-ending thoughts racing in your mind, scavenging for your attention. In a world of distractions, our focus is divided among diverse tasks, making it difficult to achieve goals. Losing focus is so easy that


The Psychology Behind Rebellious Personality 

Society views rebels or rebellious as people who wear leather jackets and ripped jeans and break the rules or someone who has brightly coloured hair, unusual hairstyles and tattoos or piercings. However, this particular perception is stereotypical and surface-level and

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10 Factors that Contribute to Happiness, According to Psychology

Throughout history, humans have engaged in bloody wars, battling each other for control over valuable resources, land, or wealth. However, no matter which side they belonged to, everyone shared one dream: to find more power and therefore, more happiness. We

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8 Habits of Successful Decision Makers, According to Psychology

Decision-making is an important skill that plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives. From being a kid deciding a birthday party theme to as an adult making career choices, making decisions has an effective contribution. It is

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The Psychology Behind the Silent Treatment

Silent treatment is a frame of passionate mishandling where one individual denies communicating with another. This gesture can beget confusion, stress, and emotional pain. Understanding the psychology behind the silent treatment can help you feel it, address it, and ameliorate

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The Psychology Behind Crowd Behaviour and Mob Mentality

Researchers have observed the psychological phenomenon of mob mentality in various instances around the world. In India, the most prominent instances usually revolve around politics, religion and/or culture. Conflict between people of different cultures and the common occurrences of prejudice


The Psychology of Regression

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, proposed several intriguing yet debatable ideas. Defence mechanisms are a popular concept and represent unconscious coping methods that distort reality to deal with anxiety-provoking events. Often, many display childlike behaviours during stressful events, such

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Investigating the Psychology of ‘Fangirl’ Culture and Female Attachment to Fictional Characters

Picture yourself caring for someone who is unable to reciprocate your feelings. Scratch that, imagine loving a person who is not even aware of your existence. In a rather understated way, this describes the daily experience of a fangirl. Marriam


New Biopsychology Book Released in New Delhi for Psychology Entrance Exams 

A biopsychology book was released for psychology entrance aspirants in New Delhi. This book aims to serve as a comprehensive resource for students facing challenges in biopsychology and neuropsychology. Meanwhile, It is designed with a focus on competitive entrance examinations