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Human Psychology Theories on Personality Development

Personality is something that everybody has. It creates a boundary for an individual. It shapes an individual’s experience. Personality can expand or limit an individual’s experience. Personality is derived from the Latin word persona meaning mask or make-up that an


Why Psychology is Important?

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. As a research-and experiment-based discipline, psychology draws on a rich tradition of psychological theory to shape contemporary methods and procedures. Psychology clarifies human behaviour and enables us to comprehend


Cyberpsychology: The connection between human mind and technology

Cyberpsychology, also referred to as internet psychology, digital psychology or web psychology is the field of psychology, which studies the way people use digital or electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, laptop, etc. to interact with others and the emotional


The Psychology Behind Forgiveness

However, you can end up paying the highest price if you cling to that suffering. Accepting forgiveness allows you to accept peace and optimism as well. Think about the ways in which forgiveness might help you achieve mental, spiritual, and

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The Psychology of Temptation

Temptation is the term used by people so often to express the feeling of craving, when they want to do something or have something specific for themselves, even when they know they should avoid having or wanting it as it


The Onion Model: Understanding the Psychology of Human Personality

Curry developed and designed a model to understand the complexities of human personality. This model is known as ‘The Onion Model’ of personality. It is also referred as the Onion Theory or the Layers of Personality Model as well. This

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The Psychology of Confessions

Confessions are the formal statement made by people to admit one crime or wrong deed. Confession is the way of accepting or admitting that an individual has committed something illegal and offensive and is guilty for that. It can either


The Psychology of Perspectivism

Perspectivism is a philosophical principle developed by Friedrich Nietzsche which states that there is no real knowledge or truth as every truth is relative to the perspective of the individual. It challenges the idea of objective truth, which argues that


Psychology behind Avoidance Behaviour

Avoidance behaviour is the kind of strategy people adopt to distract themselves from tough situations and escape out of their mind to get rid of their own negative thoughts, feelings, ideas or assumptions. It could be as a result of


Apply Now for M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology at NIMHANS

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore, India, is a premier institution for mental health and neuroscience education and research. The Institute offers a variety of postgraduate programs, among others M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology, M.Phil. in