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What purpose does Riasec model serve in the guidance of career planning?

Career selection is one of the major decisions we all take in our life. It requires deliberate planning and extensive introspection before choosing the career that will be most appropriate for someone. Apart from your technical skills or job demands,

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Workspaces are considered one of the places where a person spends the majority of his/her time. It is vital for the person to feel connected and comfortable with the environment as he/she interacts with a lot of people on a

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Who is a psychopath and why should we magnify on the concept of psychopathy?

What notions do we have of a psychopath? They live in abandoned houses, living in a place that is dark, lonely and eerie. This is the most common stereotype regarding psychopaths that they have a dark personality, they look creepy


Are Serial Killers born or are they made?

Till date it is possible that we might have heard about a few people and cases that might have impacted us, made us think and question and we could feel chills running down through our spines when we first heard

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Resilience and Kids

Resilience in its most general sense refers to the ability of an individual to cope with difficult situations in life or simply whatever life throws at you. It is a special quality and an adaptive skill that differs from person

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Just Because Children Are Little, Does Not Mean Their Problems Are Too

There is always the assumption that children are free from the worries of the world. But being young does not necessarily mean that children live in a carefree world. Like everybody dealing with their issues of daily life, children are


Exclusive Interview with Prof. Girishwar Misra

Personal Information: Date of Birth: 21st April 1951 Place of Birth: Gorakhpur (UP) Educational Qualification: BA in Psychology (Gorakhpur University, 1968) MA in Psychology (Gorakhpur University, 1970)( First division, First position ) PhD. in Psychology (Gorakhpur University, 1979) Professional Experience: Gorakhpur

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Exploring the propaganda: Men aren’t from Mars and Women aren’t from Venus

“When men ask me how I know so much about men, they get a simple answer: everything I know about men, I learned from me.”                              

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Tips to improve quality of sleep: sleep hygiene

When was the last time you had difficulty falling asleep? Or difficulty staying asleep? Have you ever woken up too often during the same night resulting in you being tired the next day? What do you think is the reason

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Managing stress during COVID-19 pandemic

Managing stress during COVID-19 pandemic The current crisis, caused due to the COVID-19 virus has brought drastic change in our lives. The uncertainty of this outbreak has made the health experts unsure about when the crisis may abate. The rapidly