NITI Aayog organized a workshop on Mental Health Services

NITI Aayog organized a workshop on Mental Health Services

“National Institute for Transforming India” (NITI) was established on January 01, 2015 by the government of India. In Sanskrit language, “NITI” signifies morality, behavior, guidance, etc. however, in the present scenario it refers to a policy. It is the major policy making organization of the nation which is projected to support the expansion of the country’s economic growth. The main goal of this is to build a powerful nation that will promote the development of a powerful and vibrant country. This supports India’s emergence as a significant global economy. It has two hubs – “Team India Hub” and “Knowledge and Innovation Hub”. NITI Aayog has taken over the role of the Planning commission, which has a 65 years history.

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Step toward mental healthcare ecosystem

NITI Aayog has taken an essential step for creating a holistic mental healthcare ecosystem in India. A National Workshop organized on “Strengthening Mental Health Services and care in India”. States/UTs, sector experts, and development partners will take part jointly in innovative panel conversations and interactive sessions to explore obstacles, exchange current projects or initiatives and map the way ahead.

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Need of Mental Health services in India

  • Increasing prevalence: in India mental health illness or disorders are increasing all over the nation.
  • Discrimination & stigma: social stigmas in India are framing mental health problems which inhibit help access in time. These stigmas causes discrimination due to which individual does not get help services on time.
  • Limited accessibility: there are not enough mental health care services for individuals, particularly in rural regions.
  • Insufficient awareness: there is lack of knowledge and awareness in case of mental health issues.
  • Psychological impact: emergencies and pandemic events have psychological impact on mental health of people like stress, depression etc.
  • Stress at workplace: increasing stress during work has an adverse effect on mental health of an individual.
  • Preventing suicide: it plays a crucial part in recognizing and treating suicidal thoughts & behavior.

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