Moment of Awe: Medical School’s Tuition Eliminated with Record $1B Donation

Moment of Awe: Medical School’s Tuition Eliminated with Record $1B Donation


The gift was being presented to Albert Einstein College of Medicine by former professor Dr Ruth Gottesman. It turned out to be significant because it was the largest donation ever made to any US school. The official statement from the university noted that the final year students will be reimbursed for their spring 2024 tuition and from August onwards all the students including those who are currently enrolled will receive free tuition. From now on the New York City medical school will offer students free tuition following the donation.

Dr. Gottesman who’s now 93 years old started her career in 1968. She has expertise in learning disabilities for which she ran literacy programmes and developed widely used screening and evaluation protocols. After her husband’s death, who was an investment banker, she wanted to fund students at Einstein so that would receive free tuition. Dr Gottesman said that doctors at Einstein provide the finest healthcare facilities all over the world. Dr. Gottesman remembered her late husband, ” I hope he’s smiling and not frowning”, thanking him for the funds and the opportunity.

With this biggest gift, students are filled with the utmost confidence and motivation to perform well.

  • Preventing Loss of Talent: Donations like these can prevent talented medical students from leaving the profession due to financial hardships, ensuring they qualify and contribute to healthcare.
  • Empowering Students: boost the self-esteem of the students, reward hard work, and empower students to focus on their ambitions, ultimately changing their lives and enabling them to become leaders in their fields
  • Alleviating Financial Burdens: It has alleviated the financial burden of study for motivated recipients, allowing them to focus on building expertise and experience without worrying about financial constraints
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity: this donation will create opportunities for diverse individuals to access education, share their stories, create literature, and solve problems that may not have been addressed without access to education and support networks.

In summary,  donations like these not only provide financial assistance but also contribute to the overall well-being and success of medical students by reducing stress related to financial concerns and empowering them to focus on their academic and professional goals. It’s a brilliant initiative to motivate and empower all the universities to take such steps.

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