Gymrat with schizophrenia swallows 39 Coins and 37 Magnets

Gymrat with schizophrenia swallows 39 Coins and 37 Magnets

Gymrat with schizophrenia swallows 39 Coins and 37 Magnets

A 26-year-old patient with schizophrenia who had ingested 39 coins and 37 magnets in the belief that zinc would help “build his body” had them successfully extracted from his colon by doctors at Sir Gangaram Hospital. After being hospitalized for a week following surgery, the patient—who is Delhi-based—was released from the hospital two days ago. The doctors say he is doing well now.

A senior consultant in laparoscopic, laser, and general surgery, informed TOI that during the procedure, 39 coins with denominations of Rs. 1, 2, and 5 as well as 37 magnets in various forms, including hearts, spheres, stars, bullets, and triangles, were extracted.

The guy told the doctor that he believed zinc, which is found in coins, aids in the formation of the body when he was asked why he had consumed them. He said the magnet would make sure the coin remained in the gut and aid in the zinc absorption. A professional, stated that she would like to inform people that the ingestion of these foreign bodies could be life-threatening and shouldn’t be done.

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Emergency Surgical Intervention

The doctors said that the patient had been complaining about stomach pain and frequent vomiting to the hospital’s emergency room for more than 20 days. There was nothing he could eat. His relatives told the doctors that he had been eating coins and magnets for the past 20 to 22 days. He was given an X-ray of his abdomen, which showed radio opaque shadows in the coin and magnet shapes. After that, he underwent a CT scan, which showed that his intestines were clogged by a massive quantity of coins and magnets.

According to her , the patient was ready for surgery right away. Coins and magnets were discovered to be in two separate loops within the small intestine during the procedure. The two loops were drawn together and degraded by the magnetic action.

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She also stated that, the coins and magnets were removed once the intestines were opened. Huge amounts of coins and magnets were discovered in the stomach during an examination, adding that both loops were rejoined by two distinct anastomoses. Afterwards, the stomach was cracked open, and every coin was taken out. The doctor, also stated that, they took an operative X-ray which showed all the foreign bodies had been removed. A group of physicians, resident physicians, clinical assistant, and consultants conducted the almost two-hour-long procedure.


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