Mental health support is important to shape future generations

Mental health support is important to shape future generations


In research, it has been found that 16.8% of the youth between the ages of 18-25 suffer from depression. 35% of suicides in India are of people between 15-24. It is the highest in the number in the entire world. On average, there are 10% of people who have no one to talk about their stresses and mental health concerns. To solve these problems, people need awareness, and emotional and social support from society. Where they could create a safe space and can share their issues. So that we can create a safe and promote long-term well-being.

The mental health of this generation is more fragile and vulnerable than the previous generation. This article will read about mental health vulnerability in people, and why the support of society is crucial. Dialogue, investment and curriculum improvement can efficiently improve the scope of future generations. The support could empower the society members and foster a supportive environment for the upcoming generations.

In this fast-paced world, the generation is constantly evolving and facing competition with others than previous generations. This competitive world creates issues in decision-making. Moreover the pressure of society to satisfy and conform to these standards and for them to fit in with their peers. A lot of insecurities and a lack of confidence are making generations more backward and struggling to overcome these challenges.

The research also talks about the issue in the formative and development periods. Children facing turning points with no support from the older ones make their sharing space. This creates defects in their overall development. Mental health awareness is crucial, as when a person successfully deals with conflict successfully they emerge as a stronger personality and promote positive behaviour.

The statement said by Dr. Neerja Birla, director of M Power(Mental Power) “I’m a strong supporter of having mental health curriculum as an integral part of the school syllabus. The mental health curriculum creates awareness and teaches teachers and students both to identify mental health issues. And learn sufficient coping mechanisms.”

Most importantly, we need to improve and aware all sections of society about the mental issues in India and have to normalize all the people about mental issues that anyone could face at any phase of their life. Moreover, by empowering the youth to be mentally strong, we can provide them with strong tools and skills to navigate their life problems and chaos ate their formative years. Mental health is itself an indispensable skill. Where mental individuals create stronger environments that do not stigmatise mental health and create safe spaces for youth to discuss their issues without any second thought.

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