What if Smartphones ceased to exist in an Induced Lockdown?
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What if Smartphones ceased to exist in an Induced Lockdown?


Presently, there are more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide. The absence of mobile phones could have a direct or indirect impact on the whole world; if they cease to exist then it will be unfortunate and disastrous for all of us. Discovery of smartphones has come up as a boon for human civilization. It has facilitated the overall growth and development of the people worldwide.

It has given a boost to the world economy by increasing communication among different countries and promoting trade. Moreover, it helped in the growth of the medical sector because it has made it possible for scientists and researchers to share their discoveries and theories on various topics simply by telephonic conversation or use of social media.

All minds coming together and being connected by the means of mobile helped in the development of the numerous sectors. In brief, mobile has helped in the overall growth of each sector, improving and making the world a better place. More communication, more positive connections and more growth. It has helped individuals in developing relationships with people from all over the world.

We can communicate with our loved ones and make new friends simply by a click on our smartphones. Social media has indeed brought the whole world together in one place where individuals can share their views and opinions, such healthy interactions are proven to be beneficial for people and help to enhance social skills.

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Imagine if mobile ceased to exist, what problems the world would face?

Impact on the Medical Sector:

Medical emergencies or patients having critical situations, for example having a heart attack may not be addressed and their families might have to bear their loss as immediate support would remain infeasible to them due to lack of communication with ambulance or medical personnel.

During this pandemic, undoubtedly we will be witnessing a problem in contact tracing; the absence of mobile apps like Aarogya Setu which are particularly used for contact tracing will make it difficult for experts to identify the people who came in contact with Corona patients, thus resulting in more spread of the disease. A lack of communication and awareness will make the situation more severe and critical. Mobile phones are considered to be an excellent source of news and information and in their absence, newspapers and radios are going to be the only source of information. However, these mediums are not as efficient as compared to mobile phones.

Impact on the economy:

Mobile phones conjointly help in maintaining surveillance and trade all around the globe, their absence will result in chaos as loss of communication will result in the collapse of the whole structure of a country and the world leading to a shortage of food and supplies as countries depend upon one another for exchange of basic supplies. Online food delivery or shopping, all comforts and luxury at our doorstep with just a click will become unfeasible.

Impact on the educational sector:

The absence of mobile during these times means a complete loss of education for students. Currently, online education is in play and is helping to bring school to students’ homes ensuring their safety as well as their development. Online education might not be able to overlay offline education or face-to-face interaction however keeping in mind the safety of students it’s indeed the foremost suitable option available right now. At least students are learning something through online classes. Learning new skills and topics could help them divert their minds and keep them distracted from outside crises. It is good to have something instead of nothing.

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What will be the Consequences of its disappearance in our Lives? How will it impact our mental health?

Playing Mobile Games enhances our creativity, and imagination and also facilitates the development of skills like multitasking and quick learning. Mobile phones keep us busy and equipped. In spite of less socialization throughout lockdown, content on social media like funny videos and memes is helping to keep us distracted and motivated to remain patient, thus helping us to survive in the current scenario by diverting our minds aloof from negativity and negative thoughts.

The disappearance of mobile phones will come out to be a huge challenge for all because it usually keeps all individuals busy and engrossed in some activity and its disappearance would bring a feeling of loneliness among us which will further cause stress and frustration. Loneliness is a feeling of sorrow and emptiness that empowers our mind and body and starts consuming us. Loneliness makes us feel helpless, unwanted and alone. Lonely people crave human contact and social connections.

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Lack of positive social connections can be just as damaging to your health as having negative habits like smoking or alcohol abuse. Social isolation and poor social relationships make us more prone to mental health problems. Excessive loneliness leads to higher levels of cortisol (stress hormone) within the body which causes various health problems like severe stress, high blood pressure, depression or poor cognitive abilities.

Humans are evolved to be around others, we need social interactions for our well-being and we desire to have Positive connections with others. This is why humans are called social beings. In these tough times, we are not able to physically meet our friends and family due to lockdown and social distancing. However, mobile phones are helping us to stay connected with them, thus decreasing the chances of loneliness and keeping us away from what comes with it. A video call or a phone call might not be able to replace face-to-face interaction but we are grateful for what we have got because this is the most feasible option available at the moment to stay in touch with others.

If mobile phones weren’t present in current times, people facing serious mental health problems would suffer the most as such individuals may not be able to avail of online counselling. Professional help would remain unavailable to such individuals throughout the lockdown if mobile phones were not there.

On the flip side, its disappearance may give us some extra free time and people might perform outdoor activities but during corona time this advantage might be considered useless. It would not be wrong to say that the disappearance of mobile phones will only make the current scenario worse instead of making it better. Undoubtedly, mobile phones can be called as dangerous and helpful at the same time. However, it simply depends upon the user how he/she chooses to operate.

Mobile must be used properly and for a limited time such that they don’t affect our work and studies. Mobile phones can turn into a liability in no time if in the hands of a wrong user. Phone addiction has a serious impact on our minds and health. It will be appropriate to say that mobiles can be a wonderful source of happiness if it’s being used to consume positive content and to communicate with loved ones while they can also become a source of pain and sorrow if they are used inadequately.

But if it simply ceased to exist, we don’t just lose its negatives, we lose its positives as well. In their absence, there will be nothing to evaluate and improve. It has done more good than harm to human civilization. We indeed are grateful to smartphones for what they have done for us, especially during such tragic times.

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