Kindness is a Great Virtue

Kindness is a Great Virtue

Kindness is what this world needs the most and kind people are ones often difficult to find. Kind hearted people are very thoughtful and feel pain of other people as their own.

When kind lend their hand, many times they are mistaken as weak hearted. Their generosity and soft heartedness also makes them an easy target for others anger and frustrations.Just because someone is being kind does not they dont have ability to stand up for their self respect. They have a heart to help others but they are strong hearted to let go of anyone who treats them with disrespect.

Respect those people who are kind to you, they do not necessarily have a lot but they are strong enough to share even the little bit they have got. Kindness toward others even ourselves has been shown to help balance seesawing emotions, which we all have these days and even possibly improve some health outcomes. Yet, kindness may be more important than ever, especially when it comes to listening to people and hearing what causes them pain, anger, sadness often all at once- in an emotionally and politically challenging time unlike anything most of us have ever experienced.

Why is kindness important? Kindness is about empathy and understanding, about recognizing the plight of the person next to you and offering emotional support and advocacy in a moment of anger or despair. There is lots of evidence that our experienced, our choices, our habits, our practices go a long way to predict how empathetic we become.  I hope we can keep this level of concern for other people, and I hope to be able to return the favor.

Kindness is not a cure , our challenges are far too serious but it is a way of being that can make a differnce to those around you. Right now, the biggest act of kindness any of us can do is simple , wear a mask to protect others (if not yourself) ,respect social distancing so we can all get back to work and life together again and listen really listen to those who are angry, depressed or in despair.

I believe that kindness is one of the most important virtues because it is an important basis in everyday life. It is a strong moral to have. Kindness can be giving a simple smile or helping someone cross the street, we can use this virtue in every situation. Every single person in the world has the ability to choose how they treat others. we should all choose to be kind.

Kindness cannot be directed toward one and with held from the other  without bad outcomes, we as person should treat everyone equally and not judge them by old acts or the acts of others, for example if a man steals a car , goes to a jail, realizes the errors of his ways, then once he becomes free everyone gives him the treatment of a thief. He can not get a job or place to live all of this. What do you think he will do? The only thing he can do, be a theif. If everyone would show him kindness he would be free from his personal error and realize the world  and even people are beautiful. Everyone deserves the right to be treated kindly but it is our choice to treat them that way. If kindness were a war strategy then every nation would be at peace. Wars would be ended through delegation, not bullets. In some situation kindness can be nearly impossible, but in the end it is the best option.

For me, kindness important to give, much more than to get , because it is not only gives another person the opportunity to feel better about themselves, it also gives me the ability to feel better about myself. So giving kindness to other, and myself, will always be rewarding. I believe kindness is a greatest gift.   I have learned that people will forget what yousaid, people will forget what you did , but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Showing kindness to others does not  necessarily mean doing something big for them. It can be anything s small a contribution as being polite or giving emotional support to someone. It can be anything like giving a smile to an old lady who sees people coming alone sitting in her balcony to your terrace every chirp. Such acts of kindness do not take much effort but it can make a big difference in the life of another person. You do not have to be millionaire to help and treat people around you. All you need for this is a good heart. Each one of us has something to give to the world. We should be kind to the people around us . We need to understand that if people are kind to each other, the world will become a better place.

What is the most common symptom in a people relationship? It is nothing but kindness. Nobody likes to befriend rude, arrogant, selfish and arrogant people. Everyone likes people who are humble, polite, kind and generous. We should be kind to people, but as it is said that the beginning is from home, therefore we should start with our near and dear  ones. Many people are generous and courteous towards their neighbours, friends and co-workers but they behave rudely to their family, parents, children and siblings. They scold them, do not pay much attention to them and often argue with them. Such people cannot be called kind. No matter how good they are towards outsiders or how much they donate. If they are not kind to the members of the house, they only put a mask on their face to maintain a good image. Infact they are desperate from inside and all their frustration descends upon the members of the house.

If a person is very kind at heart, he will be kind at home as well as outside. Being kind to people without expecting anything in return bringd inner peace and happiness. It makes life enjoyable. It is not difficult to behave in kind. Maintaining kindness on the people around us should be the ultimate goal of each one of us. Try it out and see why it can be one of the happiest experience in life.

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