Kamakshi Atri

Kamakshi Atri

counseling psychologist
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I am Kamakshi. I am pursuing Ph.D in Psychology, M.A. in Counseling Psychology. I have an experience of 3 years. i am counseling psychologist and founder of Enchanted Self counseling services. i have expertise in mental health issues and specializes in emotional issues, anxiety, parenting, positive attitude, online psychological support and tips for healthy lifesstyle.i usually write about anything when I feel inspired.


    Kindness is a Great Virtue

    Kindness is what this world needs the most and kind people are ones often difficult to find. Kind hearted people

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    Parenting Relationship


    Drawing the line between a parent’s discipline of their child and child abuse will depend greatly on the state where

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    Why Love is Important?

    Love is another form of dedication, passion and consistent performance. The best technique to evaluate happiness is to understand the

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    Awareness Education

    Treasure of Humanity

    Every human is a treasure of qualities both good and bad. The difference is that man has hidden his qualities

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