Journal Writing: An Urgent Call of the Hour
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Journal Writing: An Urgent Call of the Hour

The mobile intrusion has changed our life to a great extent. The good thing about it is that it gives us vast knowledge and connects people. At the same time, it takes so much of our valuable time. We look for our mobile before going to bed and as soon as we wake up which makes our life less meaningful. Earlier, a long train journey or that sort of activities helped the individual to introspect and make important decisions of life. Nowadays, people are more interested in other’s lives, and hence, are influenced by others because of the internet. They compare oneself with others and fail to introspect. Before going to bed people used to think about life and the whole day’s activities in the form of a movie, in other words, they used to visualise each day’s like watching a movie. It helped them to think about the next move, correct their mistakes and live a meaningful life. After too much of mobile and internet intrusion in daily life people are unable to find time for themselves (their inner self).

To find the meaning in life and to keep moving on the right path, we need to bring back the old habit of writing alive. Earlier, people used to record their thoughts in a Journal. But, that habit eventually, faded away. One must follow journal writing as a part of the daily schedule. So, every day before going to bed or as it suits one’s comfort, journal writing must be started.

Now the question arises, ‘what should be written in the journal.’ It’s very simple, though confusing. The person just has to spend ten to twenty minutes a day to write the answer for just four questions. The first question is “What did I do today that gave me happiness?” The second question is, “Did I do something that made me feel guilty today?” The third question is, “How did I spend my time more productively today?” Finally the fourth question being, “How did I spend my time least productive, today?” This is clear by now that journal writing is important, but, why a person should write answers for these four questions? Let’s discuss the answers to these four questions:

What did I do today which that gave me happiness?

We are not bubbling up with energy all the time. Sometimes an individual has to push himself/herself for performing certain tasks and search for little happiness. It might be the simplest activities like playing with the pet, seeing the first flower in garden, painting, tidying up own room, buying a new dress, trying a new hairstyle, etc. When a person searches for their own inner self and needs to rejuvenate, he/she can simply go through his/her journal and find the things that gave happiness to him/her some or the other time.

Sometimes we don’t do anything in the whole day that gives us this little happiness. On such days when we have nothing to answer the question, our subconscious will make sure to find happiness in little things the next day.

Did I do something that made me feel guilty today?

Guilt is a very important emotion which should not be ignored as if one keeps on ignoring the guilt, we will that individual has more chances to become insensitive. At times, guilt overpowers an individual rational thinking process which, further, comes out in an ugly way. Like fear, guilt is also a survival skill. It keeps us in the right path and helps us to achieve in life. For example, if a student spends more time while roaming around without preparing for his exams, he will note this down as the answer to this question. Next day, when he roams around doing nothing, his subconscious mind already know that this makes the guy feel guilty and eventually he will correct his mistake at his own. Or if a mother loses her temper and beats the child, she will not ignore the guilt and note it down in the journal. This would help her to get more control over her emotions. The guilt helps an individual to not deviate from the value system and being on the right path.

How did I spend my time more productively today?

Spending time in a productive way raises one’s self-esteem. Everyone wants to achieve something huge in their life want to achieve big in our life. Sometimes, people tend to get sluggish and don’t do anything productive the entire day. When one would have nothing to note down in the journal it makes the individual feel delinquent and eventually help him/her to make use of the time productively. When you note down how you spent the entire day productively motivates you to achieve higher and help to work with more enthusiasm the next day.

How did I spend my time least productive today?

People spend most of their time, least productively and end up saying that they don’t have time. They have no time for the parents, good old friends, doing exercise etc. But when they start noting down about how/when they spent their unproductively or least productively, they get a better idea of the total amount of spare time they actually have. They start thinking of the better ways to spend that time constructively. People would start avoiding to watch necessary videos, scrolling news feed and would eliminate using social media by using their time to actually connect with their loved ones.

To conclude, Journal writing raises our consciousness and nurtures our subconscious. Happy journal writing…!

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