“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges”.

Love is the most profound emotion known to a human being. It can be for your pet, family members, or your partner. It is very important to know the consequences of being with someone (in case, you like the opposite sex). Love means for anyone you will never get one unanimous response. This is because it is a feeling and an experience and a state of mind. The definitions vary for each and every person. We being Indians, knows the complexities of being in a relationship more than anywhere in this world due to strict families we live in, our culture, etc. but here we are not talking about the culture but to discuss whether relationships are BOON or BANE in one’s life.

In our whole life, we just search for that one person to whom, when we see them we forget our worries in our lives. And this is what we find first in our school life, the college and later when we are responsible for every single thing that we do in our lives. In school life, we usually get in contact with the variety of people and their choices for the opposite sex. Later in College, we find people with a mature mindset, and sometimes, we also get in with the toxic people who teach us to be careful when we opt for someone in charge of love life. And it’s an important thing to keep in our heads that love is not for time pass but to experience god’s purest thing in this world.

To process a relationship we should know the key features in it that is trust, self-love, commitment, honesty, respect, attention, and most important communication. Being in a physical relationship comes after much later if the above goes well. But the youth now days leave behind self-love, honesty, and respect for each other in order to impress her/his spouse. They think being physically privileged can run their relationships more than being honest or trustworthy. As mentioned communication plays an important role in a relationship because it loses it’s charm if individuals do not express and reciprocate their feelings through various modes of communication as healthy interaction is essential for a healthy relationship.  

Sometimes people come in a relationship just to get physical. If the partner does not agree to their terms and condition which will definitely be against their pride, then they will start physically harassing them as well as emotionally blackmailing them (romance happening willingly is one thing whereas physically forcing someone is different). This breaks the person mentally as well as emotionally and they tend to have trust issues by not trusting anyone for the rest of life and will start to get frustrated with everyone meeting them. These types of relationships can severely break a person and destroy their future.

Relationships also mean to cheer your love whenever they put some effort to work on it. People in a toxic relationship make their partner feel, without them they can’t do anything in there life. But in contrast, the relationship is something in which both of them support, encourage, and respect what one’s doing in their life. Some relationships are also abusive from which one can run away since it can make anyone sick of their lives. It also harms your sense of knowledge about the world and prospective ‘LOVE’ in your life. In a life of busy schedules, love is the only thing that can motivate you to do things even better in your life but it can also give you harm in case of a toxic relationship.

In the end, we all know that We live in a world full of relationships. A relationship with your partner can make or break your future. Some of the researches said,” single people tend to have better mental status” But, on the other hand, every individual needs emotional support in his/her life, as humans are filled with different types of emotions. Basically, a relationship means having a close connection between two individuals. It is about cheering, supporting, commitment, trust, and improvising each other as we discussed earlier. A good relationship can help to change a person for good, as well as, it can work as a stress buster to any type of stress occurring in our lives if the communications between them are positive, as a relationship is not about comparing each other or finding flaws, it is about filling up patches and completing each other.

Intimacy is vital to maintaining a healthy social life. At last, you can love any other individual only when you understand how to love yourself, and to love ourself we need to accept ourselves the way we are which means having self-respect, positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance.

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