How to Handle Haters in Your Workplace
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How to Handle Haters in Your Workplace

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In the 21st century to meet livelihood expenses people are opting for jobs in higher numbers than before. Workplace life has become an important part of any individual’s life in this era. This life decides a person’s performance in work and their income as well. It also affects a person’s Emotional, personal, and social well-being. That’s why it’s important to talk about the workplace environment and haters that a person has to face in day-to-day life. In the workplace (office) person has so see many ups and downs out of which are in the person’s control and some are out of their control. Facing criticism in the office is one such situation that is directly not in the control of employees. What he can do is, change his response and way of perception to the criticism. And this one step will change the entire situation. Let’s go step by step in detail.

What is the workplace?

A workplace in any place where people work together for any employer or people work for their own business. Such a place can be any office building (large office), or something home office as well.

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Sign of a healthy workplace:

  1. A healthy work environment emphasizes more on collaboration rather than comparison.
  2. A healthy workplace promotes a healthy lifestyle. Such as in regular office routine breaks for some rest, food, and no long work assignments for weekends and holidays.
  3. Understand the Person’s personal challenges of life and needs. Such is if anyone has lost a family member or known person they give some time to recover from this loss in the form of leave or by providing less work.
  4. Healthy workplace people talk about inspiring stories of achievers and how they handled their workplace obstacles and raised beyond challenges.
  5. In a healthy workplace, people take their work and responsibilities seriously.
  6. Everyone in the company knows when the company gets the result of their constant effort. People know in the company when they did a good job.
  7. Good internal communication with the company employees.
  8. Clearly, in the roles and responsibilities of designation.
  9. Company values and Employee health is the top priority of the workplace.
  10. Employees feel safe and secure in the workplace environment.

Relationship between Workplace, Personal space, and Family life:

All parts of human life are interrelated as all role, responsibilities, and expectations lie in the same mind. If a person is unhappy in the workplace, it will affect his personal life as he can project his insecurities, worries, fear, anger, and discomfort to the family members. Similarly, a person’s family issues and personal problems can affect his performance as they are unable to focus even after putting in their best effort. Giving significant time to each part of their life can be a good solution to this. When a person gets enough personal space, a healthy workplace environment, and quality time with family then they can take life challenges in a more positive sense. It’s not easy to do that. But a person has to prioritize this and with constant practice, this will become part of their life.

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Workplace and Splitting:

Splitting is also known as black-and-white thinking. Workplace and life are more about the conscience of reading the lines. It’s more about Flexible thinking than about categorical thinking. If senior/junior/ Colleagues are talking good or bad about you and your work it does not mean they are good or bad people. They have their own opinion and if the person is creating their image on the basis of one or few statements their perception will not provide a better future to them. So before considering anyone wrong or right first try to count all the perceived actions of that individual and try to understand his/her point of view. Sometimes what seems wrong to one employee can be a task of another employee. For example employee who is working as a supervisor has to check the quality of work and if the quality is not good or accurate it’s his job to deduct a fine or report to the higher authority as per the workplace norms. Try to see things more from multiple perspectives and by empathising with another person can get a clearer picture of the work environment and employees.

Difference between criticism and feedback:

Both concepts require two individuals. Also, the state of mind and way of communication play an important role in both concepts. A Few things to keep in mind when providing feedback so it does not sound like criticism:

  • Be open to receiving input while giving feedback.
  • Talk on the basis of concrete reports and evidence.
  • By talking only about work and performance and not giving any personal remarks
  • Clearly explain expectations from the designation or task.
  • Avoid using extreme works as “always, all, never”.
  • Giving realistic suggestions instead of giving, idealistic suggestions

Role of workplace experience in handling haters in the workplace:

Experience makes the person more wise and patient. People who are new to workplaces experience more challenges than people who have been working in the field for a long time. One of the important reason can be-Young people are full of potential and tries to do their best and expect appreciation or support in return.
Whereas experienced employees know, how much effort is needed to meet the expected results and how much support they will receive from other teammates to complete the task?

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In short, experienced employees know how to work as self-reliant people and when to ask for support if required. In reducing workplace hate, people can get help from the people who have been working in the organization for a long time to know what to do in such situations. They can be employees’ work buddies. A person has to complete all his work, especially the paperwork when they feel that they are going to be an easy target.

How to handle haters in your workplace:

  1. First of all things more than twice tag anyone as a hater in the workplace. Sometimes they seem like haters, but they are actually doing their work.
  2. The aim of the hater is to make employees distracted from their work. The best they can do is stay calm and focus on their work. In short, try to avoid walls and focus on the path as work will speak louder.
  3. Do not get provoked. Stay kind to the people.
  4. Do not get emotionally charged and react. Be on the right track of work and performance.
  5. Do not try to put down them, as doing this makes the situation worse.
  6. Believe everything happens for a reason. Try to learn and make the most out of it.
  7. When get any remarks first check objectively if there is something wrong at your or at work. If yes, try to work.
  8. Interpersonal skills are very important in the workplace. Try to learn it for better work outcomes.
  9. Stick to a person’s conviction or vision.
  10. Try to empathize with the person and understand that they might have a painful reason behind that.

Workplace life is as important as personal or family life as people spend a huge part of their life in the workplace. Also problems need to be addressed on time for better outcomes for the company and its employees.

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