How to achieve happiness?
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How to achieve happiness?

“All happiness or unhappiness solely depends upon the quality of the object to which we are attached by love.”– Baruch Spinoza

In simpler words happiness is a state of being happy and positive. Apart from a positive mood, happiness is a condition of well- being  that envelops carrying on with a good life, one with a feeling of significance and profound contentment. Feeling happy has its wellbeing advantages also. A growing group of researchers likewise proposed that happiness can lead to improvement of your physical wellbeing; sentiments of inspiration and satisfaction appear to profit cardiovascular wellbeing, the insusceptible framework, irritation levels, and circulatory strain, in addition to other things. happiness has even been connected to a more extended life expectancy just as a higher quality of life and prosperity.  Achieving happiness is a worldwide interest. Analysts find that individuals from every corner of the world rate happiness more significant than other alluring individual results, for example, acquiring wealth, getting material merchandise, and getting into heaven.

Happiness is something which every person wants to achieve. It just makes life easier and joyful. A happy person will automatically reach to the solutions of a problem , will hold a good control over their life , make other people feel happy. Happy people have a sense of purpose in their life. They find joy in small things like lasting relationships, working towards the attainment of their goals sticky and working according to their values . A happy person is not always have a sense of happiness which is  attached with materialistic goods and luxury vacations, a happy person is fine with the simple things and pleasures in his or her life. Some signs that shows that someone is a happy person–

  • They are open to learn new things in their life .
  • The person goes with the flow whatever happens in their life.
  • They are grateful for the things.
  • They practice self -care.
  • They persist and enjoy healthy and happy relationships.
  • They’re happy for other people’s success .
  • They have certain meaning and purpose in their life.
  • They do not hold grudges for people or for certain things.
  • They are not rigid with their thinking .
  • They are quite optimistic in their approach towards life.

There are certain myths which are created by people regarding what makes them happy. People generally believe that happiness will be only achieved, once they will attain certain goal in their life have a sense of accomplishment from which for which they were striving for so long or will find a perfect partner or getting into a job with the perfect salary .

Several thoughts which exemplify the misconceptions about happiness –

  • Happiness will only be achieved if a person is rich and successful.
  • Happiness could only be achieved if a person is married to a right person and have a healthy relationship.
  • Happiness will only be achieved when a person will land in his or her dream job that he wanted.
  • You cannot be happy if your relationship has fallen apart.
  • The best years of your life are over according to you.
  • You only encounter sorrowers in your life.

Researchers have found that the greater part of happiness relies upon things that are really in our control. That is truly uplifting , since it implies everybody can be happier. A major  portion of how happy we are relies upon our outlook we have, the habits we practice, and the manner in which we live every-day life. By learning the key elements of satisfaction, we can utilize them to get more happier.

What amount of happiness do you experience in your every-day life, versus unhappiness? Somebody says to you a bad thing, and this cause you to feel miserable for the rest of the day, with considerations and sentiments of outrage filling your psyche the entire day. You get up late, and subsequently, need to rush to work, skipping your morning meal and the morning paper. Would you feel stressed and angry with yourself? There is something you need to do, yet it doesn’t work out. Do you feel baffled? There are a great deal of little and insignificant things happening each day. Everyone encounter different problems, difficulties and a lot of obstacles in their daily life which can obviously spoil our day. However if you change your attitude slightly towards how things are going you will surely be able to make your day, at least to some extent. Even a slightly change in perspective of yours towards the things could make your mood better and you can have a sense of happiness which you wasn’t able to find earlier. Do the things which make you happy. Every person should engage him or her into the things which make you happy, should take time for yourself, practice self-care, be thankful for what you have, do not expect so much things in your life instead work hard for them, start finding good, and start finding  the things which dwell you towards happiness. Practicing gratitude is a great practice to achieve joy and accept happiness in their lives. Happiness is not something which is to be achieved every time it’s about creating it from the things you have right now.

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