How movies tend to increase our expectations in our relationships in real life?
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How movies tend to increase our expectations in our relationships in real life?

Our obsession with the entertainment industry is baffling yet understandable. It has such a strong hold over our minds, actions, thought processes and what not. Now, there are several reasons why we are stuck with these unrealistic yet addicting stories. It could be the because of an intriguing plot line, amazing soundtracks and of course, the actors and actresses. We try to find ourselves in the midst of this tangled and enigmatic story and even try to imitate their behaviours and actions into our lives. Some of the most enjoyable movies and series that we got from Hollywood as well as Bollywood are those where we could see heartwarming, cheering and light friendships between the characters. The industry has delivered us masterpieces ranging from Disney movies like Frozen, Lilo and Stitch, Toy Story, Bend it Like Beckham to Kai Po Che, Dil Chahta Hai, Sholay to television series like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Naruto, Fairy Tail and Haikyuu. These stories and the characters portray so many strong emotions, experiences and bonds that we can’t help ourselves but fall in love with.

Ever wonder why we are so attracted and fascinated by these movies? Why do we feel so happy watching two friends hugging each other or comforting each other or playing pranks on each other? Friendships are considered to be an ideal relationship to most of us. The foundation of friendship is working together and having shared goals. These movies focus more on collectiveness of people rather than individualism. Friends share complicated relationships where they share all their joys and sorrows and everything in between. Some of them have been with you since the time both of you played in your knickers to your friend getting changed into her bridal gown for her wedding. They spend their time laughing, playing, becoming each other’s support emotionally and enjoying their life together.

Friendships are a crucial part of a person’s development as they help the children, especially the children with no siblings, to develop interpersonal skills and help them to adapt in a social environment as well. Friendships have been the theme of various different movies and shows with amazing cast and soundtracks. Below are some of the iconic friendships who faced some joyful and challenging moments together and made us shed some tears.

LILO AND STITCH from Lilo & Stitch (2002)

This disney movie takes a person through a rollercoaster of emotions. Lilo, with her sister Nani, are having a hard time coping up with the death of their parents when Lilo finds a dog and decides to adopt him. The dog now named as Stitch is actually an extra terrestrial animal who escaped from the place where he was being experimented on. In order to save himself from the aliens, he stays with Lilo and uses her as his shield. Later as the movie progresses, Stitch starts to realize how much Lilo actually cares for him and formed a sort of friendship with her. Both of them become the dynamic duo, as they fulfill each other’s deepest desires to not be alone. They give each other warm, accepting happy Ohona that both of them crave. Stitch helps Lilo to be herself again, the way she was before her parents died and Lilo provided a home for Stitch. They provide mutual emotional support to each other, give each other a reason to smile and make each other’s life enjoyable and delightful. Oh and of course they fight for each other and save each other, you know the infamous lava scene! 

RANCHO, FARHAN AND RAJU from 3 Idiots (2009)

The movie revolves around three people Rancho (Aamir), Farhan Qureshi (Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman) coming from three completely different backgrounds and ideologies to the prestigious Imperial College of Engineering. The trio goes through various phases throughout the college which in turn strengthens their bond of friendships. There were several instances where we could see how they were a positive influence for each other moreover were relentlessly working for betterment for themselves and others. We can’t forget how Rancho helped his two friends Farhan and Raju to realize their true potential and live their lives on their brown terms. We all remember when Farhan got his letter and Raju decided to go for his interview. Turns out it was the best decision they took in their lives. And we cannot help but to mention Farhan and Raju’s determination to find Rancho again with just slight hope given by Chatur. The determination, love and dedication they portrayed for each other gives us genuine relationships between friends that got us attached to the characters and the movie.

SIMBA, TIMON AND PUMBAA from Lion King (1994)

This movie has been part of childhood because of it being unique, emotional and inspiring. We go through several emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, joy, excitement and anticipation. One of the best parts from the movie was the brilliant and loud trio i.e. Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. Their presence in the movie served as a comic relief but more than that it taught us an important lesson which was acceptance. Simba never imagined he would be meeting these two amazing friends who would help him accept and eventually move on from his dad’s tragic death. Well people do say we find friendships in the most unlikely places, with people so different from us and form a bond that stays forever. They showed us how we don’t have to be similar in order to be friends. They can come in any shape and size to be there for each other in the times of happiness and sadness. We should hold tight to the people who are there for us and help us grow and succeed in life especially if they know how to dance the hula (cue to Timon’s dancing). *wink wink*.

CHILLAR PARTY from Chillar Party (2011)

For a fact, none one of us had forgotten the iconic “Chaddi March” by our beloved munchkins. Initially it was surprising to see how the bunch of kids could be so passionate and determined to organize an event this large. The solidarity between the Chillar Party was rock solid and was a pure form of love, care, warmth and support towards each other. The take away of the movie was their readiness and acceptance to Fatka and Bhidu after some bickering and pranks on each other. Once the kids realised what they did was wrong, they immediately wanted to resolve and apologize. This is one of the traits we usually don’t see in adults in real life. Regardless of the fact that Fatka was a domestic help, they welcomed him just as some other random kid they would meet and that is what we all should teach today’s children and ourselves; the selfless friendship of these kids and their passion, willingness and non- manipulative approach to fight for their friend Bhidu and Fatka. Their bond inspired not only the children, but the adults as well, their bravery to face the society and their own parents for what is right, which in reality many of us still hesitate to do.

We can always learn from the movies. From what we see, what we like. We can always create the change in our relationships the way we like them to be. Why to see, enjoy and keep on thinking to have that kind of bond. Let’s create that relation with our near and dear ones. Let’s make our relations cherishable.

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