Fiza Abbas

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I recently completed my honours degree in Social Sciences and Humanities from Ambedkar University Delhi. Here, an opportunity to explore and apply my skills and knowledge in the field of psychology has been given to me. I always have been passionate about the subject and wanted to showcase the skill set and the knowledge that I've acquired via my university, summer school, workshops and internships. My goal here is to spread awareness not only about psychology as a subject but also the growing importance of mental health. Psychologs has given me an opportunity to explore, express myself and reach out to other people in order to help them. With these articles, people are being educated about their environment and themselves as well and I am driven towards the same goal. Not to mention with pandemic and recent activities happening in our country we do need to spread awareness and help people regarding their mental state. With this initiative, I would be able to help the community regardless of the problem we all are facing right now. The platform that's been presented to me is crucial, keeping in mind how important mental health is in today's time.

Awareness Relationship


Parents are considered to be the first interaction that an infant has in his life and considering that they are

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Awareness Relationship

How relationship between siblings play a significant role in Child Development?

Siblings can be the most infuriating people on the planet or can be the most loyal and closest person you

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Why Do People Commit A Crime?

How there are so many criminal offences each day is curious. What might be the reason for this? Many researchers

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Crime Relationship

Does Family Background Play A Role In Children Committing Crime?

‘… but in my experience there aren’t many evil people around. Just ill-informed, misguided and ignorant ones.’      

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Awareness Relationship Self Help

What kind of negative impact can toxic relationships have on our lives?

Throughout our lives, we encounter different kinds of people and form different bonds and relationships with them be it friendship,

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Parenting Relationship

Why mothers need to build a strong relationship with their children?

Mothers hold a special place in a child’s life. It’s no coincidence that the child’s life circles around his/her mother

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Awareness Education Relationship

How can Teacher-Students’ Relationship foster Students’ Development lifelong?

“When I look at my Students, I see unlimited possibilities!” ~ Teachers Think about your favourite teacher. Why do they

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Crime Entertain

Crime shows: Enthralling or Boring?

“The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic.”                                                    – G.K. Chesterton, The Blue Cross: A Father Brown

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Entertain Relationship

How movies tend to increase our expectations in our relationships in real life?

Our obsession with the entertainment industry is baffling yet understandable. It has such a strong hold over our minds, actions,

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Industrial Social


Workspaces are considered one of the places where a person spends the majority of his/her time. It is vital for

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