Emotional Weakness: Causes, Signs and, Coping Tips
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Emotional Weakness: Causes, Signs and, Coping Tips

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There are times when people are seen shouting at others without any reasonable cause, getting tensed and worrying a lot, even when faced with a small problem, misinterpreting other’s viewpoints, or having a hard time accepting criticism. All of these can occur if an individual has low emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions as well as understand the emotions of others. and, emotional strength simply means being aware and effectively dealing with own emotions, regulating them, and helping others to do the same. Emotional weakness, on the other hand, depicts being vulnerable to situations and not able to manage emotions efficiently.

What causes Emotional weakness?

Comparison with other children, bullying, etc., during the early years of childhood- can build inferiority complex later in life. Thus, some people are conditioned to behave so in adulthood too due to fear of failure- thus not being able to make their own decisions, being unable to say no to things they don’t want, or lacking the potential to say yes when they feel so.

Lack of Self Awareness

Individual whose self-image is distorted is unaware of their own strengths. People like these always worry a lot about what others think of them and place other’s judgment above their own perspective.

Piling up Deeper Feelings

The build-up of negative feelings like worries, frustration, anger, and sadness can later become too overwhelming; leading to a stage of anxiety, aggression, or depression. This can emotionally drain individuals, making them much more vulnerable.

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Signs of an emotionally weak person
  • Unable to handle criticism.
  • Ignoring their own needs and demands due to fear of losing them.
  • Being vulnerable feels pleasurable. Expecting others to sympathize.
  • Unable to take own life decisions.
  • Worrying a lot about other’s judgment.
  • Lack of self-awareness.
  • Avoiding social groups due to fear of moving out of comfort zone.
  • Resist to face challenges- even a small problem seems like a big storm.
Who is more emotionally weak- Men or women?

Many people believe that women are more sensitive than men. Is it real, though? Studies disprove the widespread belief that there are significant inter-gender differences between men and women

In terms of emotionality. It is the societal conditioning that has encouraged men to express emotions associated with power, conflict, and dominance like; aggression, rage, disrespect, contempt, and hatred. Feelings that portray a man as weak and submissive are viewed as inappropriate for men. Similarly, there are certain emotions that are considered socially undesirable for women. They are states connected with aggression, because women are perceived as gentle and in charge of maintaining harmonious relationships with others. For women to display signs of vulnerability, sadness, anxiety, and crying is more acceptable in society (Mandal, 2007).

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How to cope with Emotional weakness?
  • Recognizing and accepting own emotions is the first step. Journaling and a mood diary can help.
  • Reframing own thoughts and building resilience.
  • Including yoga and meditation in daily routine can help stay grounded by relaxing and reducing oversensitivity.
  • Practicing mindfulness and living in the present.
  • Being open to other’s perspectives and accepting critical feedback positively.
  • Trying to face life challenges by inculcating problem-solving skills and working towards improving the situation.

Understanding the symptoms of emotional weakness, which is a common human experience, is the first step toward improvement. This article is written to help the readers by supplying them with some interesting and practical information.

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