Being a gay is abnormality?

Being a gay is abnormality?

QUESTION: “Not my fault I am gay”: teen kills self over alleged discrimination. A 19-year-old from Mumbai allegedly killed himself by jumping into sea in Chennai as he was upset over alleged discrimination he faced being gay.

According to this psychologist: Suicide is an extreme measure, what it is, is a cry for help. The victim always gives out a desperate call that we are often unable to understand. Awareness needs to be on several intersectional spectrums for us to understand different personalities and their languages. Homophobia and the lacking of understanding of sexuality has caused the death of 19 year old, Avinashu Patel. Sexuality is a complex system to navigate through. Once considered a deviation and disorder by the APA, the stigma around it has been lifted by the Psych community. The hangover though seems to linger, along with its resonance in backward thinking, hate culture, religion and politics. Maslow suggests self-actualization as society to address all conflicts of the mind.  A space for self-expression lies at the heart of this change. A child led to crippling, self-doubt, insensitivity, negligence and alienation, tries to explain, express, cry for help and fails. There is a dire need for the intersections between mental health to be studied extensively and normalised in this day. Due to our lagging evolution as a species, misunderstood humans, societal mis-fits take their own lives, finding no space for them in this existence.

Masiha Shabeer

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