SUICIDE : What are the reasons behind it?

SUICIDE : What are the reasons behind it?

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Introduction: Out of the global suicide numbers, 17% are Indian students. These numbers are increasing every day. Though poor mental health is the major reason for suicides, it is still not discussed enough in the indian society. In fact, till 2018, attempted suicide was considered a crime in india. Today we are out to see what people think about suicide and how they think it can be prevented.

Conclusion: Many people seem to think that academic pressure and depressions are major causes of suicide. Student suicide and unavailability to mental health services is really a big problem that needs to be addressed. We need to get rid of the taboo surrounding mental health anake about suicide more openly so we can save lives, as every life lost is a cause forgotten! If you want more information, visit us at can also follow us on facebook, instagram and youtube. For more exciting content subscribe to our magazine PsychoLogs, India's first psychology magazine. Just visit our page and hit the subscription button.


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