Awareness And Useful Solutions To Psychological Disorders

Awareness And Useful Solutions To Psychological Disorders

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Thousands of us suffer pangs of pain, frustration, helplessness, and disappointment because of psychological disorders. If the disorder is mild, they bear it in silence. If it is at a severe level, they are forced to take treatment. The expense of some hospitals and psychotherapy centers is unaffordable for common men when they need treatment for their psychological suffering. So, the intention of this writing is to provide awareness to those thousands who suffer a lot because of psychological disorders. If a person is having sleeplessness, nausea or a tendency to have it, feeling uneasiness, restlessness, trouble taking a breath, fear without any reason, unwanted thoughts, no control over thought, and other symptoms, then first he or she has to consult with a medical doctor. If everything is found to be correct, then it is probably considered that the person has some psychological disorders.

Common Causes of Psychological Disorders 
Biological, environmental, and social factors are connected with psychological disorders. Genetics, injuries, problems during the developmental process, chronic stress, life events, household patterns, cognitive distortions, and a number of other factors play roles in psychological disorders. All these are elaborated studies, and the common man has to understand the cause of his problem and the solution to it. The best is to follow the easiest method.

Some Vulnerable Factors in Psychological Disorders 

01. Negative Belief System 

The same data may not make the same interpretation in all. It changes from individual to individual. The data collected through the sense arrive at neurons in micro form and then converted into chemical and electric impulses, though the process or thinking pattern may be negative or positive belief system will experience negativity even in the case of positivity. Such cases are most probably highly vulnerable to psychological disorders.

02. Cognitive bias

Based on the belief system, the way of thinking and understanding events and situations is different or not accurate for most people. Along with this, the references and experiences reinforce negative emotions, which lead to anxiety and, finally, psychological disorders.

03. Sociopaths 

They are people with antisocial personality disorders. Their activities are not easily understandable by ordinary individuals. Such persons are acting without considering the human elements and the loss of others. The spiritual waste in them will always bring cruel and pathetic conditions to somebody with a psychological disorder.

04. Identity Crisis 

During the developmental process, children are undergoing various changes that they cannot estimate and understand properly. If proper guidance and security are not given by the parents, teachers, or any other responsible persons, the teenagers and adolescents will be confused about what is happening to them. The stage of migrating from childhood to adolescence is critical because various harmonic changes take place. This stage is highly vulnerable to psychological disorders.

Man and Conditioning

Society, news, and media—all these are continuously bringing some influences over men. And we learn many things through our sensory system, automatically getting conditioned to them. If the learning is positive, it’s good. But the negative learning in turn, along with some experiences and references, causes stress, depression, and anxiety, resulting in psychological disorders.

Psychological disorders

Depression, generalised anxiety disorders, panic disorder, negative overthinking, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, alcoholism, and Suicidal attempts are the most common psychological disorders, and the list of them is continuing. Many people with psychological disorders are suffering severe problems. In most cases, the sufferers have no control over their emotions, and they do something in order to get relief. Suppressions for an extended period of time can result in somatization. Some of them are suffering in silence. Negative overthinking and anxiety are the bases of most psychological disorders, putting many into deep sorrow by not attaining a well-being state. The chemistry of the brain is changing, and neurotransmitters play an active role in the chemical imbalances that make the brain anxious. The result will be a psychological disorder with miseries and pathetic conditions.


If the disorders are mild, most likely nobody is taking treatment. Even the client himself isn’t aware of his conditions. If the disorders are at a moderate or severe level, probably the family members take the clients to a medical doctor, and there the treatment is done by medicines from which timely relief is obtained. After a particular period, the disorder is still present because the medical doctor treated only the physical symptoms caused by the psychological disorder. So, it is needed to find out the actual cause of the disorder, which can be done by a psychotherapist, counselling psychologist, or another related professional. Here, the medicine or psychotherapy is expensive, which cannot be affordable to common men. Ethics has been migrating to business without any humanitarian considerations. So, which is the way to overcome it?

Solutions and Techniques 

We are born in nature, and it nurtures us by giving us precious oxygen, food, water, and energy.
All these valuables are consumed by us, but many things are still hidden in nature, which we have to plunge out for the betterment of our well-being. We have to accept the scientific methods and donations of the great neuroscientists, doctors, psychologists, and psychotherapists for our betterment. For complete healing and relief, it is advised to do the following with the help of an experienced and trained psychologist for one time or two and then to continue the required thing by oneself.

01. Physical Exercise 

Do any physical exercise, dancing, or body movements at one’s convenience and practice them on a daily basis in order to ease and relax the body, which is directly proportional to the mind. So, there will be a rise in endorphin levels along with the oxytocin level, thus balancing the chemistry of the brain.

02. Breathing Exercise 

It is an exercise for the brain to get into a relaxed state. Using neuroplasticity, individuals actively employ it to achieve emotional maturity by transforming negative thinking patterns or belief systems into positive ones. The long and deep breath with oxygen inside the lungs and the slow, gentle breath with carbon dioxide mixed with emotional and spiritual impurities outside make a miraculous result for the individual. The continuous practice of the same changes the anxiety in the clients to relaxation.

3. Visualisation Technique 

The visualization perceives what the desired change in life is. It is imagination, not real, but the continuous practice of the same is very useful. Here, high energy utilisation occurs, and the unreal is converted to reality, gradually reaching the desired mental status.

04. Mindfulness 

It is the state of being conscious of something at the present moment. Here, acceptance of thoughts and sensations is happening. Continuous practice of mindfulness brings calmness to the mind and body. The practice of the same for a particular period will bring healing to psychological disorders.

05. Activation of the sense organs 

The sense organs collect information about the outer world. However, passive attention can sometimes result in the failure to receive accurate data. So keep your attention always active in order to avoid false perceptions and to escape from the cognitive distortions that are leading to psychological disorders.

06. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) 

CBT is the most promising method for the healing and recovery of psychological disorders. The magical power of CBT is highly appreciable if it is first practiced with the help of a professional and later by you. Study the CBT Chart. Here, you understand the activating event or situation of your disorder and the behaviours and consequences of that in various aspects. If you want to be free from bad and malignant emotions, there is a way to dispute the events or situations in a healthy and scientific way that will have a positive effect.

07. Positive Affirmation 

Be aware of the most suitable positive affirmations, frame them with the help of a professional, and use those in the present tense when you ever get the opportunity. It is good to use positive affirmations in the alpha state of mind. You consciously feed the required data to your subconscious mind, elevating the energy of the affirmation to a very high level. This process modifies all your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in alignment with your goal.

08. Watching the trees and flowers 

Watching the green trees and flowers repeatedly helps to restore positive energy. It also helps to reduce the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline. If possible, try to watch the Mayflower Tree, which is full of reddish flowers (Gulmohar, Delonix regia), several times, which will be an experience to change the mood.

When medical doctors use medicine to steady the neurotransmitters and chemical imbalances, psychotherapists do the same for the clients by using a natural and therapeutic method that is quite harmless and has a very low relapse rate.

A Request 

This precious life is only once on earth. Here I request everybody not to deviate from the circadian rhythm and to lead a peaceful life by understanding, practicing, and getting the power of positive thinking patterns and the ultimate science of happiness to avoid common psychological disorders.

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    There is an increasing amount of publications that deal critically with the science of happiness. In “American Happiness Propaganda” Colin Bear names some very problematic factors about living in the US, that probably have led to the invention of positive psychology in this country.


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