Radhika Juneja

Radhika Juneja

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I am a Psychology educator at Fountainhead School, an IB board school in Surat, Gujarat and I also practice Counseling at CalmSpace organisation. I adopt a humanistic approach integrated with cognitive-behavioral approach to support my clients. I completed my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from MSU, Baroda in the year 2022. I aim to cultivate mental well-being and resilience in individuals who seek therapy. In addition to my professional roles, I also indulge in blog writing to share insights on mental health, personal development and effective therapeutic practices. My aim is to make psychological concepts accessible to broader audience and provide practical advice for improving mental health.

Awareness Education

The Psychology Behind Crowd Behaviour and Mob Mentality

Researchers have observed the psychological phenomenon of mob mentality in various instances around the world. In India, the most prominent

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