Dr. Reema Bansal

Dr. Reema Bansal

Assistant Professor
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Dr Reema Bansal is serving as Assistant Professor (Psychology) in Rajiv Gandhi Govt. College, Saha (Ambala). She has also worked in her hometown as a therapist for 7 years. She has helped people face challenges like depression, anxiety, career confusion, loss of a loved one, marital conflict etc. She has attended many workshops like behaviour modification, CBT, hypnosis, play therapy etc and specializes in them. She has also been invited as a resource person in MHRD programmes, and, enjoys sketching and writing, too. Also, with 6 years’ experience in school counselling, she feels that her aim is to assist every student glide smoothly through school and college and have a peaceful and confident transition to career and further life. Parental counselling is an essential ingredient for that, she adds.


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