Anushtha Mishra

Anushtha Mishra

Counselling Psychologist
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A passionate writer and trauma-informed Counseling Psychologist with over one and a half years of experience working as a Mental Health Professional. Proficient to write topics related to psychology and mental health with flair that brings traffic. Skilled to do research to helm a compelling copy and am always on my feet to deliver the work with efficiency.


I Love You But I Can’t Commit!

We are all familiar with commitment issues when it comes to romantic relationships. It is possible that you fear to

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Breaking the Silence: The Truth About Borderline Personality Disorder

Mental Disorders, though have been a type of illness that has existed since the break of civilization, still are a

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Why There Is Romanticizing of Mental Disorders?

People have misunderstood and greatly stigmatised mental illnesses for a very long time. People have had mental health issues for long but awareness about the same has always been very superficial. In

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Self Help

I am exhausted, are you too?

I have been experiencing a lot of self-doubts lately. I’ve been questioning my abilities as a therapist and whether what

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On Being Sane in Insane places

A very interesting experiment was done by Dr. David Rosenhan, which still, after all these years,  has its impact on

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