My Idea of Therapy as a Therapist

My Idea of Therapy as a Therapist

“Oh so you read minds” haven’t we all heard this at some point on our journey as Therapists? “No, I study behavior” I revert subtly. “So do you think therapy helps or is it just hoax, I mean how will talking help rather what exactly do you even mean by therapy?”

So does therapy really help?

  • Why would I want to pay to get advice, I have friends and family for that?
  • Talking helps?
  • I talk to my best friend for hours.
  • Why should I pay for it?”

These questions can be endless, and are often heard, so this is my idea oftherapy!

Therapy is a safe space where there is no room for judgment. You can express and share your stories without fear. You will not be questioned about your behavior and no statements will be made on how you could have reacted differently. It is expressing your feelings to a trained professional who has no pre conceived notions about you, does not identify you with the social circle you are part of. As therapist, we are trained to provide unconditional positive regard a phrase during training years that often did not register with me. However, as a practitioner I realized the true meaning of this not just through my words but also my body language. Abraham Maslow once said, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail” When one is under distress, he or she often feels limited in terms of resources. The main focus of psychotherapy is to support you to build healthy resources. These resources can be physical, mental and social. It provides you with stabilization. Therapy is about exploring your feelings and emotions, finding the courage to face them, accept them and learning to live with them. It is beyond a fancy couch and a therapist asking, “How does that make you feel?” It’s a journey of discovering your strengths and working on your areas of development. It is definitely not about “fixing” you because you are not broken. So the next time you enter a therapist’s office know that a therapist doesn’t read your mind, or fix you. She/he is going to help you help yourself.

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