Struggles Faced By Students While Preparing For Competitive Exams

Struggles Faced By Students While Preparing For Competitive Exams

Students looking tired by study

We acquire the skills, methods, information, and knowledge necessary to recognize, comprehend, and respect our responsibilities to our communities, families, and country via education. Because of this, education has tremendous and varied importance in life.  Everyone benefits from education since it gives them a positive view of the world and society. With the use of education, we may learn and investigate new ideas. Education facilitates knowledge acquisition and increases confidence. It can help you progress both professionally and emotionally. A person with a good education can succeed in society. You may use it to make sensible decisions all throughout your life. Education is necessary for the modern, technologically sophisticated, and industrialised society to function. To survive in the competitive world, every one of us needs information as a torch to illuminate the way.

Competitive examination

Exams are essential to students’ ability to learn. They aid students in understanding their strengths and shortcomings and assess their topic knowledge and comprehension. Students can have a deeper comprehension of the concepts and the subject matter through tests.

Exams foster a competitive atmosphere that might encourage kids to get really enthusiastic about competing. Students may challenge themselves to achieve and go above their comfort zones by creating objectives and benchmarks. This may encourage kids to compete in a positive way, pushing them to improve their work rather than just outperforming their peers. Teachers may use this energy to inspire children to study and reach their full potential by fostering a good learning environment.

Competitive examinations are a particular kind of test used to evaluate pupils and assign them a grade, percentage, or percentile. Most of these examinations are conducted at the state or federal level. Engineering, medicine, and law are just a few of the professions in India that have competitive exams.

How can it help a student?
  • Merits, awards, and scholarships
  • Provides Access to Elite Universities
  • Enhances IQ Sharpness
  • Encourages Self-Control
  • Establishes a course for the preferred career path
  • Increases Critical Thinking Skills
Pressure of exams
  • High Competitiveness: Students must achieve extremely well since there is an extraordinarily high level of rivalry for the few available places at prestigious institutions and universities.
  • Parental Pressure: Parents frequently exert significant pressure on their children to succeed in difficult tests. When there is a history of academic success in the family, this pressure may be much greater.
  • Media Pressure: Because students who do well on competitive tests are frequently portrayed in the media as successful and intellectual, there is a lot of pressure on them to live up to these expectations.
  • Self-imposed Pressure: Due to many reasons, like a fear of failing or a desire to impress their parents, some students place a lot of pressure on themselves to do well in competitive tests.
Effects of stress
  •  Anxiety: Anxiety is a typical stress symptom. Sweating, a beating heart, and trouble breathing are a few signs that students are feeling worried. Additionally, they could have trouble focusing and making choices.
  • Depression: One of the additional typical mental health issues brought on by stress is depression. Depressed students could feel down, hopeless, and unworthy. They could stop enjoying things they formerly found enjoyable.
  • Suicidal Thoughts: Sometimes the stress of taking competitive exams might lead to suicidal thoughts. Remember that someone is thinking about you and wants to support you at this trying time.
Health effects
  • Lack of Exercise and Poor Nutrition
  • Eating disorder
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Tension and discomfort in muscles
  • Headaches, regular stomach discomfort, or diarrhoea
  • Sleeplessness
Coping with exam stress
  • Create a Structured Study Schedule
  • Take regular breaks when studying
  • Time Management
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise often for at least 30 minutes
  • Use relaxation methods to reduce your stress
  • Seek Assistance
  • Put self-care first
  • Keep a Positive Attitude
  • Do not compare yourself with others

Competitive examinations are therefore important life events, but depriving oneself of breaks and relaxation might be detrimental to one’s mental health. There is a big issue with the pressure placed on kids who are taking competitive examinations. Competitive test preparation may be psychologically and emotionally taxing. It is crucial to take action to assist pupils in handling this strain. We can help students succeed in their academics and lead happy, healthy lives by providing them with assistance and teaching them how to handle stress. You may enhance your mental well-being and keep a happy attitude throughout the process by putting these practices into practice.

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