Why we forget?
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Why we forget?


Do you ever enter a room and suddenly can not remember why you did? Did you leave the toilet lights on after you used it?

Forgetting things from time to time is normal. Everyone has some kind of memory loss and forgets things time to time. Did you leave the toilet lights on after you used it? There are many different ways in which memory loss happens and people forget. People forget things all the time, and although some things are fine to forget, others are not.

Types of forgetting

There are many people who forget important things like the birthdays of their loved ones, but sometimes there are also people who may forget their own birthday. We categorize the ways in which and the things we forget, and we consider some types of forgetting acceptable while others are not. There are loads of people who forget small things like where they left their specs while it might be on their head, or may search for their phone while holding it. Forgetting and memory loss also occurs among students who are sitting for exams specially if they prepared last minute. Memory retention varies from person to person. While studying the night before an exam may make sense for some people, others may find it difficult to remember much if they cram and just study the night before the exam.

Some things are also unforgivable to overlook. People do not mind when we forget birthdays, but they may if we start forgetting their names. There are multiple kinds of memory loss. While some people have short-term memory loss others have long term memory loss. Both are hard to live with since short term memory means they can’t remember things that they may witness suddenly and forget things as soon as they see or hear them however that is not the case with long term memory loss. There are many people who may have actual memory loss.

Living with memory loss

Living with memory loss can be very hard not only for the person, but also for those around them. there is a lot of confusion and guilt and anxiety around memory loss. People who suffer from memory loss tend to live in a world that seems to be going in circles and it can be very hard for them to deal with the various stressors in their lives as they may feeling certain emotions about and may be constantly thinking about how they may have forgotten something or someone. Often people with memory loss that are related to other medical conditions tend to feel really low after meeting with other people.

Memory loss has an influence not just on those who suffer from it, but also on others around them. Some people are irritated when others forget about them, while others seem unconcerned. Someone forgetting you, especially someone close to you, may be a terrible experience, producing powerful emotions and leaving you unclear of how to react. Sometimes people don’t mind being forgotten, but other times they do, making it unpleasant for both the forgetter and the forgotten.

Unraveling the Mystery of Memory Loss

There are multiple ways in which people remember and forget things. Multiple people have certain memory issues. Some may have short-term memory loss while others may have long-term memory loss. There are also other reasons why one may have gone through memory loss and it is important to identify what it is and since when and also the why. Memory loss may be a symptom of another disorder but may also be a psychological manifestation to what may be a physical issue. It is important to realise that both the people forgetting and the people being forgotten are similar in a lot of ways and that it is hard for both of them.

There are various way to manage memory related issues or abnormal forgetfulness. According to the issues and causes of issues, expert decided to use specific way to help person.

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