Are You a Traveller? Know the Different Sides of Travelling

Are You a Traveller? Know the Different Sides of Travelling

There are many different kinds of travellers. Some people travel for pleasure, some people travel for work and some people travel because they have to. Some people travel to places that they have been desperately wanting to visit for a while, some people travel to visit people they have been missing, some people travel to see, and meet new people, some people travel because their jobs demand travelling and some people travel because they have to.

People who live far away from their workplaces, school and friends tend to travel a lot on a daily basis. For example, if someone stays in Gurgaon but their college or workplace is in north delhi they will have to travel every day of the week to reach there. Also, if their friends also reside in delhi, they will be traveling on weekends too.

Downsides of Having To Travel Long Distances on A Daily Basis

Having to travel on a daily basis, especially to far places can be extremely tiring. People who are traveling to work and school not only have to worry about the completion of their work in those domains, but also have to make sure to be on time. Being on time can become very tricky when one lives far away from their actual destination as even a minor delay can lead to them becoming late.

For example, if they board the metro at the same time they do everyday, but the metro stops for a long time in some station due to some technical reason, or if they are taking their car and leave at the same time they do every day but there is more traffic then there was before. Thus, people can get late even if they themselves did not get late because of certain situational factors that were out of their hands.

Positives of Having To Travel Long Distances on a Daily Basis

Travelling every day can be exhausting, but there are some good sides as well. Because one has to travel a lot , they normally tend to have a certain kind of routine that they follow. People who have to travel far distances on a daily basis have to wake up early in order to not be late which also means they need to start sleeping earlier. Because traveling can be exhausting and because they also have to complete their work for school and work, oftentimes by the time they reach home they are very very tired. Thus, in this way everyday travelling contributes to a better sleep cycle. People who travel every day also need to make sure that their bags are packed and their clothes and everything they need are ready the night before which makes them more responsible. Thus, there are many positives of traveling on a daily basis.

Embracing the Daily Journey

Travelling every day may be tough, but one can always make it more interesting. Since trevelling is an essential part of our routine that we can not ignore, it is best to make the most out of that time. We can use that time to look outside the windows and take in the beauty of the world and recognize places, we can use that time to complete any work that we were unable to before, and we can use that time to catch up with some friends or family that we did not have time to do before, we can use that time to listen o podcasts and read poetry or maybe even watch a movie or read a book. There are various things people can do during their travel time.

Thus we can say that traveling every day hold immense potential for personal growth. From embracing the art of commuting and exploring the local treasures to seeking adventure in the familiar, the act of daily travel provides us with the opportunities to connect better with not only our own selves but also with those in our social environment.

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