Amity announces M.Phil Clinical Psychology and PsyD Entrance Results 2021

Amity announces M.Phil Clinical Psychology and PsyD Entrance Results 2021

Amity Noida has released the results on July 15th 2021 for courses under Amity Institute of Behavioural Health & Allied Sciences like M.Phil in Clinical Psychology and Psy.D in Clinical Psychology. Online entrance exams were held on 17th & 18th July 2021 respectively for M.Phil in Clinical Psychology and Psy.D Clinical Psychology, and it was reported that approx 21 students were competing for 1 seat of M.Phil Clinical Psychology and Psy.D Clinical Psychology course at Amity Noida. From this ratio, we can understand the difficulty level of M.Phil/Psy.D Clinical Psychology Entrances. The reason which makes these entrances more comparative is RCI License, one who crack the exam and got admission into M.Phil/Psy.D Clinical Psychology course, got the RCI License on successful completion of his/her course which allows them to practice as clinical Psychologist in India. Whereas, Amity Noida has a total of 14 seats for M.Phil Clinical Psychology and 3 seats for Psy.D Clinical Psychology Course. Between 2nd July to 6th July, Amity Noida has conducted the online interview for the students qualified in the entrance exam. The interview was scheduled in a batch of 10 students, and 4 rounds of the interview have been taken inclusive of writing skills, group discussion, practical and individual interviews.

After entrance and interview rounds finally, on July 15th 2021 the Amity Noida has announced the result and published the list of selected and waitlisted candidates the admission for the academic session 2021. An Institute named UPS Education who provides Classes for Psychology Entrance Examinations received a remarkable result in Amity Noida for M.Phil/Psy.D Clinical Psychology Entrance 2021. All selected students for Psy.D course and in M.Phil Clinical Psychology is from UPS Education except only one.

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