Actor Fahadh Faasil Aka FAFA Reveals His diagnosed with ADHD

Actor Fahadh Faasil Aka FAFA Reveals His diagnosed with ADHD


Actor Fahadh Faasil, who gave movies like Diamond Necklace, Amen, and Artist recently revealed his ADHD diagnosis at the age of 41.

What is ADHD? ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a form of neurodevelopmental disorder that is prevalent across the world. 1.4%-1.6% of Indians have been diagnosed with ADHD while many go undiagnosed.

What causes ADHD? The accurate cause of the disorder is not known. A combination of reasons has emerged. Genetic prevalence has been recorded through research. Children with genes from parents who have ADHD are prone to inheriting it. Along with genetics, the structure and functioning of the brain play a huge role. ADHD is a neurodivergent disorder. As the term neurodivergence suggests, a divergence from the typical pattern is witnessed. It is to be focused that standing out from typical is not an abnormality. Other than this, risk factors include people dealing with epilepsy, brain injury or born with low weight.

Diagnosis: ADHD is a term that is used casually in everyday life like OCD or Depression. However, the disorder needs to be diagnosed by a professional. In India, clinical psychologists are RCI-licensed and can give a formal diagnosis for ADHD based on standard assessment. But the signs and symptoms whether you have ADHD or your family and friends along with you; such observation is necessary to screen the issue.

What are the symptoms of ADHD: It is characterized in two forms. Inattentive and hyperactive. Hyperactiveness is more prevalent, also affecting boys more than girls. Many of the people have both categories combined.

Symptoms of inattentiveness include a shorter period for tasks that impair a person’s functionality, difficulty in organizing everyday life, zoning out of conversations, shuffling between activities simultaneously instead of completing one, forgetting things and frequent occurrences of careless mistakes.

Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity include restlessness, doing immediately without thinking, difficulty in waiting for the turn, consistent fidgeting, over taking and causing interruption during conversations. Hyperactivity and impulsivity are often confused with each other. Hyperactivity is a state of restlessness whereas impulsivity is doing an action immediately without giving it a thought.

Stigma and Stereotypes: ADHD is often considered a disability that people feel ashamed to talk about. It’s important to understand that ADHD is a unique divergence in neural structure, not an impairment. Right strategical intervention can help to live a holistic independent life as any other person.

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