A Girl From UP Scores 90.4% After Recovering From Memory Loss

A Girl From UP Scores 90.4% After Recovering From Memory Loss

A young high school student, Nivedita Chaudhary, 19 years of age and from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh had to face a life changing tragedy at the age of 10. In 2014, she had suffered serious head injury due to a car accident not only leaving her in coma for month but also causing the death of her father, Vishal Chaudhary. This incident had left her on bed rest for almost a year. Currently she suffers from short-term memory loss and faces difficulties in writing. She has also lost her sense of balance and can’t walk without aid.

In spite of her downhills and with the constant support of her mother, she continued with her studies at Sophia Girls School in Meerut up to class 9. Later on, she pursued her studies in Army Public School, Meerut where on 5th May 2023 she cleared her CBSE 12th board examinations with an astounding 90.4 % overall percentage.


Based on reports obtained by Times of India, Nivedita currently hopes to follow her interests in the field of fashion designing. She had also stated her appreciation towards her mother, Nalini, who would help her with academic learning by narrating stories linked to her subjects to help her recollect during exams.

When interviewed, Mrs. Nalini described the episode from 2014 as nothing short of a nightmare. Upon learning the news of her deceased husband and her injured children in hospital she decided not to give up but to work harder. Nalini eventually took over assistant accountant’s job in Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCSU) in place of her husband. Even though the job offered low pay, she took the offer for additional leaves and to spend more time with her daughter. As per her statement, “I took upon myself the mission to restore Nivedita’s life” shows that she never gave up on daughter even though others around her might have.

According to her teachers, Nivedita Chaudhary is a “extremely bright student” who, following the 2014 incident, experienced social difficulties due to a lack of friends. Nivedita Chaudhary struggles to recall recent events or ideas that she hears, observes, or does because she suffers from short-term memory loss, also referred to as transient global amnesia.

Short-term memory loss is common among middle-aged and older adults. Though proper estimates of prevalence of short-term memory loss have not been found. Memory loss in general among older adults is estimated to be around 7.4% in India.

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