Computer programming is a tool that enables humans to communicate with computers and make them do things according to their needs. All one has to do is just write a few lines in English called code, and the computer will execute the task. In the early days of computers, programming is limited to perform calculations, but now, the limit of computer programming languages is the sky. It can schedule tasks, book tickets, predict the weather, automate tasks, create twitter, and many more. It can virtually create a completely new world, sometimes more real than the reality itself.

But computer programming is just a bunch of lines written in English, how does that enable computers to perform these complex tasks. They do not understand or attach meaning to the language and for that matter, computers do not understand anything that we humans tell them. Computers do not understand this language, this code. We have to make them understand this in their language, BINARY!

All the code which is fed to the computer first has to convert into the language which machine understands, machine code. Machine code is represented using only two digits 0 and 1. There exists a number system called Binary Number system, consisting of only two numbers to represent almost everything that we perceive as symbols, shapes, images, alphabets, etc. These 1s and 0s are nothing but the states of registers in the processor. These registers together form a circuit that performs all the tasks. To convert this English code into machine code, it first has to pass through a computer program known as Compiler.

The compiler performs different algorithms (Set of instructions) to that code and converts it into assembly language an intermediate language between human-readable English code and Computer-readable machine code. Then assembler converted it into machine code. Consider the following example,

A C language code



  int main () {

            int num1 = 5;

            num1 += 5;

printf(“%d”, num1);

return 0;}

Machine Code (Equivalent)









The above example above is a hypothetical conversion of the real C language code to its equivalent machine code. In this code, a variable num1 assigned a value 5, and then its value is increased by 5, which will make it 10. Then in the last line, the computer is being instructed to print the final value on the screen, which is now 10. This conversion despite being quite primitive does capture the basic idea of compilation and how English code is converted into machine code.

But what does this machine code imply?

This code is just a set of commands for the processor to turn on or off the registers with 1 means ON and 0 means OFF. These instructions set up a circuit that will perform the task which is written in English. The compiler will convert this code into the assembly language instructions and finally to the machine code. Then after the execution and completion of all the instructions task is completed.

But the most extraordinary or remarkable thing about this is that the circuitry which performs all this task already exists in the processor in the first place, it is just the code that enables certain registers and disables others to perform this particular task. Early computers may have a very basic circuitry but still, computer programming makes it do things which otherwise are not possible by default. This inspiration of circuitry comes from a very popular biological object, HUMAN BRAIN.

The human brain, which is like the computer processors, also acts in the same way. The human brain also consists of all the circuitry ranging from Einstein to EdisonMandela to Hitler, from Shakespeare to Sylvia Plath, Muhammad Ali to an obese American, from Kabir to orthodox Pandit, the human brain can be programmed to perform like any of these people. All the circuitry is there, and research is showing that the human brain is structured in a way to improve itself with generations. So, with time we must be seeing more advancements in the fields in which we programmed our brains.

However, the surge in the numbers of obese Americans or orthodox pandits are a lot higher than compared to Einstein or Kabir or Shakespeare population-wise. This disparity exists because most of us are ignorant of the fact that humans are pre-programmed to perform any task, cling onto any ideology, be a part of any culture, to embrace any thinking or to reject any. People deny the existence of the very circuit which is enabling them to deny its existence!!!!

They are ignoring the possibility that all it takes is just a good code to instruct the brain to do those tasks. However, people assumed that, if they are following a certain ideology or belongs to a certain group their children have to do the same, or in more accurate words, they thought that their children won’t be able to become a part of any other group or culture as they are born to them.

This attitude is the main reason for such a high number of orthodox pundits or obese bodies and so fewer Einstein. All of this ignorance is the root cause of all the communal violence across the globe, criminal cases, rapes, honor killings, suicide bombings, caste system, etc. Killing someone because a better coded brain finds a perfect life partner for itself but their elders do not consider them a wise match because it contradicts their circuitry as the two might belong to a different ideology or killing someone because of their eating patterns are different from the others(beefeaters) or denying someone the same water which people drink thinking that their touch will make the water unfit for drinking(Dalits in India). But all these problems exist just because humans are constantly denying that they all are just currently coded in one way, and if they want, if they try, they can choose to code their brains differently. All the circuitry is there. All of them can be programmed into any of them, it is just their fathers have chosen this way(code). Had it not been for their fathers and forefathers choosing this code they might be a completely different person.

If humans accept this fact, that they’re pre-programmed and all it takes is just a different code to change or a good code to alter them into a better version of themselves, then the world would be so much better place to live. If humans start to exercise this in their general life and try to feed their children a good code not only one good code but a different variety of code, then, it will increase rational thinking among all the coming generations and in the community likewise. There will be a higher tolerance in the world and a better version of all the ideologies (we have come a long way from Pac-man to Pokémon go). All the world religions will be so much more peaceful as people will accept that they could be them too if are coded differently and even could be like them now if they switch their codes. This will introduce a human race so advance no one would have ever thought.

One of the interesting things about computer coding and compilers is that they’re improving every day. What is dull and boring in the earlier days of programming has become visually attractive and mentally engaging. The same would be the case for human coding. If people continue to code their children with good instructions every next generation would be more advanced than the former one, the process will achieve dynamics and will continue to thrive over the years.

The advancement in computer programming is a result of great efforts from the coders who are working day and night for this advancement. Similarly, people also have had to work tirelessly to achieve the same feat for human programming. If people truly work on human coding then, soon the day will come when we meet the best of our people. We’ll have a society which appreciates more and complain less. No more Hitlers, no more Romans fighting for their religion, no more orthodox preachers, but a race of scientists, poets, artists, innovators, thinkers, writers and, HUMANS.

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