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Meditation for Anxiety: Stress Reduction and Emotional Balance

According to WHO, 4 % of the world’s population is currently living with anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental disorders, with 301 million per cent worldwide. Anxiety is very common for everyone, those who suffer from anxiety disorders


Avoid Car-Buying Stress: How a VIN Decoder Can Protect Your Mental Health

Purchasing a car may be a very stressful experience. From finding the model appropriate for you to bargaining prices, it all could turn very overwhelming very quickly. But there’s one thing: a VIN decoder. This article will tell you how

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How a Mother’s Stress Impacts the Fetus

According to Assistant Professor, Padma Sri Lekha P, “The mothers’ stress has a significant impact on the fetus. A few ways the stress can be reduced is through mindfulness practices and journaling. The simple mindfulness practices as just observing the

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Bomb Threat in Delhi-NCR Schools: It Can Cause Mental Distress for Children

The first morning of May started with widespread fear among children, parents, and school authorities all over Delhi NCR with schools receiving bomb threats. Prominent schools like DPS, Amity, and Sanskriti were recipients of such threatening emails. Mass evacuations were


Understanding Stress: Types, Causes, and Coping Strategies

Imagine an exam is coming up and you wander into a cloud of doubt which convinces you that you are not prepared at all, you begin feeling tense, you feel your throat close up and your mouth is dry as


7 Ways to Manage Assignment Stress in Students

The experience of attending university may be both thrilling and stressful at the same time. Beginning college, tests, homework due dates, living with strangers, and future-focused thoughts can all cause stress. Stress is a normal emotion that is meant to


Istanbul Airport has therapy dogs to alleviate travelers’ stress

Istanbul Airport has implemented a heartwarming approach by providing therapy dogs to soothe nervous travelers. This unique concept strives to provide passengers with a more comfortable and supportive environment as they prepare for their flights. The program began a month


Board Exams 2024: How to Handle Anxiety and Stress?

With board exams right around the corner, the stress level of students in classes 10th and 12th is through the roof. It is no secret that the board exams in India are seen as a paramount measure of one’s intelligence.

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Are you in stress? Be aware its physical reactions

Stress can be described as a state of mental tension or worry, which can be caused by any difficult situation. It is a natural response of humans and prompts us to address threats and challenges in our lives. It can

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PM, Modi talks to students about exam stress, during Pariksha pe charcha 2024

“Pariksha pe charcha” – programme of PM Narendra Modi was highlighted by the Union Education Minister on Sunday. It has helped students to become more self-confident, learn how to deal with stress and keep up good health & fitness. Pariksha