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The Psychology Behind Why We Love Watching Horror Movies

Munjya, a Hindi horror movie is gaining attention and love from the audience. Being the fourth movie for the Maddock Supernatural Universe, Munjya is captivating at heart with its horror storyline that aligns with Indian mythological characters. While the film

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Psychology Behind Attitude

When somebody asks about likes or dislikes, a person has, they most likely present with the opinion they carry about that particular object or an event. They may phrase themselves as, “in my belief”, “according to me”, “in my opinion”


The Psychology Behind Success-Oriented Mindset

The phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day” reminds you how great successes require patience, time and effort. Now, there exist two types of beliefs regarding this concept. One of the beliefs is that success is achievable. Whereas, the other


Signs You are Born to be a Leader, According to Psychology

The concept of leadership and leadership styles has informed a vast array of fields of research for several years. Leadership is a complex concept that has taken its shape in varied forms throughout history. Historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi,

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Psychology Behind Wordle 

Wordle is a popular web-based word game. It was developed by New York-based software engineer Josh Wardle. He first designed the game in the year 2021, as a fun personal project to play with his partner, who loved word games.

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The Psychology Behind Comfort Food

“Mom I am having a bad time at my workplace, I am not able to adapt to the situation here, I used to like food served at my workplace but right now I am craving the homely rajma chawal made


Psychology Behind Inequality

Conversations about inequality in the present world, as you may have seen, are taking a gradual surge in different political, economic and social dimensions. These talks have always been an ingrained part of society. Once merely hushed whispers, they have


The Psychology Behind the Case of John Wayne Gacy: Pogo the Clown

Trigger Warning: The contents of this article can be Disturbing for some individuals John Wayne Gacy is regarded as one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of America. Due to his evil methods of committing violence and


Mere Exposure Effect in Psychology

The mere exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon whereby human beings tend to develop a choice for matters or humans that might be similar to others. It increases familiarity. This impact is therefore also referred to as the familiarity effect.