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The Concept of Conversation in psychology

If you were to live in a den, with no facility, no human interaction, no phone. Would you be able to survive without having somebody to talk to you? Do we talk out of need or do we talk out

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The Psychology of Color Black: Symbolism and Impact

Everyone has a favourite colour that makes them feel better and influences their mood, but that colour doesn’t necessarily evoke the same feelings in others. This principle holds for black, although it is not classified as a colour in the


New BSc Clinical Psychology course Sparks Debate in Psychology Community

On June 19, 2024, RCI announced new guidelines for the B.Sc. Clinical Psychology (Hons) course, allowing graduates to obtain a Counseling Psychologist license. This decision has since sparked debate within the psychological community. The course holds a 60% practical approach


What is Object Permanence in Psychology?

Have you ever wondered why a baby laughs excitedly during a game of peekaboo or why a toddler is so fascinated with hide-and-seek? These simple yet captivating activities are more than just fun and games; they are pivotal in a

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Psychology behind Tattoos

Inked expressions, commonly known as tattoos, are one of the main elements of pop culture. Irrespective of how western it seems, the history behind tattooing dates back to several thousand years ago. Although its history varies among different sources, what


Psychology behind Productivity

Man has a natural tendency to be lazy when it comes to work and more often than not, it is the circumstances of the individual wherein he is obligated to work. The developmental process of the society is hindered due

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The Psychology Behind Honour Killing

Honour killing, a crime that has always been a part of society as a mark of shame, is the murder of a family member (typically female) by male family members in order to maintain or preserve the honour and respect

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The Psychology of the Hunger Games

Hunger Games is a bestseller dystopian young adult trilogy written by Suzane Collins whose popularity subsequently motivated directors Gary Rose and Francis Lowerence to release a four-part sci-fi movie series adaptation that grossed the box office. This story is about


The Psychology Behind Why We Love Watching Horror Movies

Munjya, a Hindi horror movie is gaining attention and love from the audience. Being the fourth movie for the Maddock Supernatural Universe, Munjya is captivating at heart with its horror storyline that aligns with Indian mythological characters. While the film

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Psychology Behind Attitude

When somebody asks about likes or dislikes, a person has, they most likely present with the opinion they carry about that particular object or an event. They may phrase themselves as, “in my belief”, “according to me”, “in my opinion”