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7 Ways Organizational Psychologists Boost Workplace Productivity

Key Points : Organizational psychologists are vital to the rise in productivity in the workplace because they apply psychological theories and research methods to improve organizational performance, employee satisfaction, and work environment. They focus on understanding how individuals behave in


The Shift to Work from Home: Impact on Mental Health and Productivity in India

India’s work environment has changed dramatically, accepting remote work more widely, as a result of the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A major shift in people’s views on work occurred when they began working from home offices rather


Productivity Anxiety Decoded: Reasons, Symptoms, Overcoming

The need to accomplish more, be successful, and enhance every aspect of life is a driving force for many of us. While productivity is a positive trait, it has a darker side too-anxiety. Productivity anxiety – the overwhelming stress and

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Top 10 Books to Read on Productivity and Time Management in 2024

By comparing the quantity of products and services produced (output) with the quantity of inputs required to produce them, productivity is a metric used to assess economic performance. An example of productivity that is frequently used is the production per

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How to Increase your Productivity when you are Depressed?

All of us experience sadness and despair at times in our life. But depression can never be equated to these feelings at all. Depression, as a mental health condition, is extreme sadness and despair that one experiences not just for

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4 Productivity Myths to Stop Believing in

Don’t fall for these Productivity myths: Get more done now! American Psychological Association defines productivity as the relationship between the quantity or quality of output (goods or services created or provided) and the input (time, materials etc.) required to create

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The Psychology of Procrastination: strategies to boost Productivity

What is Procrastination? Delaying or postponing tasks till the very last minute or after their due date is known as procrastination. It is also defined as the type of self-regulation failure defined by the unreasonable postponement of duties in spite


The Connection between Sleep and Productivity

Many of us don’t get enough rest because we work too much. We don’t work effectively because we don’t sleep enough. Does that sound familiar? The importance of sleep and productivity cannot be overstated or downplayed. Both are essential for


How to Boost Your Productivity with Pomodoro Technique

How often have we given up looking at the exhaustive list of to-do things lined up for us, not knowing where to start? Yet, often have we thought the research project allotted as almost impossible and kept procrastinating to start


Use of online mental health posts to increase work productivity

Poor mental health is linked to a variety of physical ailments, including hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, among others. Employees with poor mental health are more likely to burn out, which has a significant impact on their capacity to contribute